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Crypto-hominid refers to any cryptid of the same family as Humans and related great apes, as compared with a crypto-hominoid, which would refer to any cryptid belonging to the broader superfamily Hominoidea. Given the unknown and indeterminate status of any particular cryptid, such as the Bigfoot or Yeti, it would be difficult to confirm whether such beings should be properly classed as crypto-hominid or crypto-hominoid.

List of crypto-homin(o)ids (and related legends)

It should be noted that many of the legendary figures included in this list are Wild Man legends, and so may refer to human beings or human-like deities, not conforming to the ideation of hairy, ape-like cousins to the human family. Cryptids such as the deerman, goatman, or frogman are excluded from this list, though they are of interest in the broader study of the crypto-hominid phenomenon.

Name Meaning Origin Continent Region Area First reported
Yeti "Rock bear" (གཡའ་དྲེད་, g.ya'dred) Tibet Asia Central Himalayan Mountains
Sasquatch "Wild Man (of the woods)" [Sásq’ets] Halkomelem Salish North America Pacific Northwest British Columbia
Bigfoot Big Foot (reference to size of footprints) California North America Pacific Northwest California 1958
Agogwe Unclear; Kuria or Chagga (Bantu) word Tanzania Africa East Tanzania
Almas "Wild Man" Mongolia Asia Central Caucasus & Pamir Mountains
Arulataq "(Creature who) makes a bellowing cry" Yup'ik North America Alaska Southwest
Old Yellow Top, or Pre-Cambrian Shield Man So-called for the distinctive mane Ontario North America Ontario Timiskaming District 1906
Traverspine Gorilla Named for Traverspine River Labrador North America Newfoundland Labrador Interior 1910s
Abominable Chicken Man Play on Abominable Snow Man, hand-prints from a chicken coop raid Oklahoma North America South Central Oklahoma 1971
Boggy Bottom Monster Named for Clear Boggy Creek, Atoka County, OK Oklahoma North America South Central Oklahoma
Boggy Creek Monster Named for Boggy Creek, AK Arkansas North America Southern Arkansas 1851
Bukwas "Wild Man of the Woods" Kwakwaka'wakw North America Pacific Northwest British Columbia
Choanito "Night People" Wenatchi North America Pacific Northwest Washington
Fouke Monster Named for Fouke, AK Arkansas North America Southern Arkansas 1851
Ge-no'sqwa "Stone Giants" Seneca Iroquois North America North East New England
Honey Island Swamp Monster Named for Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana Louisiana North America Southern Louisiana 1963
Letiche Unclear; attributed to Native Americans or Cajuns, conflated with Honey Island Swamp Monster North America Southern Louisiana
Miluquyulit "The throwers" Yugtun (Yup'ik) North America Alaska Southwest
Momo Abbreviation of "Missouri Monster" Missouri North America Southern Missouri 1971
Nant'ina  ? Den'aina North America Alaska Central
Nuk-luk "Man of the Bush" Dené North America Northwest Territories
Omah "Creek Devil" Yurok North America Pacific Northwest California
Sc'wen'ey'ti "Tall Burnt Hair" Spokane North America Pacific Northwest Washington
Tintah-k'iwungxoya'n "Old man of the woods" Hupa North America Pacific Northwest California
Tsul 'Kalu "The Slant-eyed (or Sloping) Giant" Cherokee North America South East
Urayuli "Hairy man" Eskimo North America Alaska Southwest
Yi'dyi'tay "Wild Man" Nehalem, Tillamook North America Pacific Northwest Oregon
Yohemiti "Some among them are killers" Miwok North America Yosemite Valley California
Xipe Central America Nicaragua
Achi Tamanac South America Venezuela
Aigypan South America Venezuela
Alux South America
Curinquean Unclear; a legendary indigenous peoples described in Portuguese literature South America Brazil Mato Grosso
Didi South America Guyana
Duende South America Peru
Guayazi South America Brazil
Mapinguary South America Brazil
Maricoxi Maxubis South America Brazil Matto Grosso
Mohán Unclear; from the Carib title for priests Colombia South America Colombia
Mono Grande Spanish for "Big Monkey" South America Guyana
Shiru South America Colombia
Sisemite South America Guatemala
Tarma South America Peru
Ucumar South America Chile
Ukumar-zupai South America Argentina & Chile
Vasitri "Great Devil" Maipure South America Venezuela Upper Orinoco
Wodewose "Wild Man of the Woods" England Europe
Am Fear Liath Mòr "Big Grey Man" Scotland Europe Scotland Ben Macdui
Abamaanji Africa Central DR Congo
Abonsei Africa
Apamandi Africa Central DR Congo
Chemosit Africa East Kenya
Doku Africa
Fating'ho Mandinka Africa West Senegal
Ijimere Patas monkey Yoruba Africa West
Kakundakari Konjo (Bantu) word Congo Africa Central Congo
Kara-Komba "Monkeys-who-carry-much" Banda Africa Central Central African Republic
Kikomba Africa Central Congo
Kooloo-kamba Africa Central Gabon
Mau Africa
Mberikimo Africa
Milhoi Africa
Muhalu Africa Central Congo
Ngoloko Africa East Kenya
Sehite Guéré / Wè Africa West Ivory Coast
Tano Giant Named for the Upper Tano region Africa West
Toulou Africa Central Central African Republic
Ufiti Africa West Malawi
Wa'ab Africa East Sudan
Zaluzugu Africa Central Congo
Barmanou "Big Hairy One" Pakistan Asia Central Hindukush & Karakoram
Batutut Onomatopoeia - Asia South East Borneo
Bukit Timah Monkey Man Named for Bukit Timah region of Singapore Singapore Asia South East Singapore 1805
Bun Manchi "Jungle Man" Nepal Asia Central Nepal
Chuchunaa "Outcast" Siberia Asia Northern Russian Siberia
Gin-Sung "Man-Bear" (人熊; rén xióng) China Asia China Sichuan
Gul-Biavan Asia Central Tajikistan
Hibagon Named for Mount Hiba (比婆山, ひばやま, hiba-yama) Asia East Japan 1970
Jungli Admi Asia Central India
Kaki Besar "Big Foot" Malaysian Asia South East Malaysia
Kang Admi "Snow Man" Tibet Asia Central Tibet
Kapre Asia South East Philippines
Kaptar Asia North East Mongolia, Russia
Ksy-Giik Asia Central Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan
Kung-Lu Asia China
Maero Maori Asia South East New Zealand
Mawas Asia South East Malaysia
Miche "Man-Bear" (མི་དྲེད; mi dred, michê) Tibet Asia Central Tibet
Migoi "Wild Man" (མི་རྒོད; mi rgod, migö/mirgö, mi-go) Tibet Asia Central Tibet
Mirka "Wild Man" Nepal Asia Central Nepal
Monkey Man of New Delhi Named for the city of New Delhi India Asia Central India 2001
Nasnas Asia Central Iran
Nguoi Rung Kinh Asia South East Vietnam
Nittaewo Asia South Central Sri Lanka
Orang Gadang Asia South East Sumatra
Tok Asia China
Vele Asia Fiji Islands
Yeren "Wild Man" China Asia Central South East
Yowie  ? [Yuuri, Yowri] Koori Australia New South Wales