Abominable Chicken Man (crypto-hominid)

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Abominable Chicken Man
a.k.a. El Reno Chicken Man
Country United States
Region(s) Oklahoma (areas around El Reno in Canadian County)

Abominable Chicken Man is a crypto-hominid reported to have been active in the areas around El Reno, Oklahoma during early 1971, the name having been used in local media reports of the period. In these media reports of the incident, Lawrence Curtis, then-director of the Oklahoma City Zoo, related that a local farmer had turned over the door of his chicken coop, which he said had been "ripped off its hinges" and "bore the hand prints of a man-like creature who apparently walked on all fours,"[A] to a game ranger, who in turn presented it to Curtis for analysis; for his part, Curtis was unable to positively identify the source of the hand prints, though he said he had "shown [the prints] to several mammalogists and several wildlife experts in Oklahoma," and that "all agree it is a primate."[B]

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