Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung (Society for Geocosmic Research)

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Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung
(Society for Geocosmic Research)
Formation 1962
Chairman Helmut Diehl [1]
Vice-President Johannes Lang [1]

Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung (English: Society for Earth Research; called "Society for Geocosmic Research" in English pub.) was a German organisation dedicated to study of the theory of the Hollow Earth. Its members included Helmut K. Schmidt and P.A. Müller-Murnau, both pulp science-fiction authors.


According to Patrick Moore in The Wandering Astronomer (2000), Schmidt and Müller-Murnau championed a hypothesis that the Earth is a concave sphere, similarly to Cyrus Teed (Koresh), but distinguished by their position that the Earth "extends beneath our feet infinitely in all directions," that the Sun "does not move, or even spin, but the inside of the Earth turns" around it, and the stars are "spots etched on a crystal sphere surrounding the Sun."[2]

Selected Publications

  • (in German) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1957), Kosmozentrische Bewegungsgesetze, Murnau: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung  — [Cosmocentric Laws of Motion]
  • (in German) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1957), Warum halten wir das kosmozentrische Weltbild für richtig?, München: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung  — [Why Do We Believe the Cosmocentric Theory to Be Right?]
  • (in English) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1960), Why Do We Believe the Cosmocentric Theory to Be Right?, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany: Society for Geocosmic Research 
  • (in German) Müller-Murnau, P. A. (1961), Der Mikrokosmos, Murnau: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung  — [The Microcosm]
  • (in German) Himmel und Erde, Winnenden: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung, 1973  — [Heaven and Earth]


  • (in German) Geo-Kosmos - Zeitschrift für das neue Weltbild (München: Gesellschaft für Erdweltforschung)  — [Geo-Cosmos - Magazine for the New Worldview]



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