Old Yellow Top (Pre-Cambrian Shield Man)

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Pre-Cambrian Shield Man
(Old Yellow Top)
Country Canada
Region(s) Timiskaming District, Ontario
First reported 1906
Last reported 1970

Pre-Cambrian Shield Man is a crypto-hominid, also affectionately known as Old Yellow Top (for a light-coloured mane), that has been publicly reported in four separate incidents over a sixty-four year period in the areas around Cobalt in the Timiskaming District of Ontario, Canada, the first in 1906, second in 1923, third in 1947, and final incident in 1970.


All of the original published reports about Old Yellow Top were made in the local newspaper the North Bay Nugget, formerly known as the Cobalt Nugget (1907-1921). According to the news report of 27 July 1923, the "Pre-Cambrian shield man" had first been sighted in September of 1906 by unidentified men building a head frame for the Violet Mine near Coleman Township, a three-shaft silver mine, and then in 1923 by J. A. MacAuley and Lorno Wilson while taking deposit samples on their claim in the vicinity of the Wettlaufer Mine near South Lorrain Township. In the news report of 16 April 1947, an unidentified woman and her son witnessed a "dark hairy animal with a 'light' head" near Gillies Lake, about three miles (five km) from Cobalt; while the final news report, published twenty-three years later on 5 August 1970, found the "Pre-Cambrian Shield Man" in the vicinity of the Cobalt Lode Mine near Coleman Township, spooking a group of twenty-seven night-shift miners on a bus.