Space Brothers

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Space Brothers (or Space People, Space Beings) is a popular namesake for a group of benevolent extra-terrestrial beings, sometimes reported as being from Venus or other local planetary bodies, which were first written of by George Adamski and other contactees, beginning in 1952. They are typically described by contactees as fitting the Nordic racial image (tall, white-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed), but, as with all contacts, stories about their appearance and characteristics will vary considerably from author to author. Many of the "Space Brothers" contacts would eventually coalesce into the Ashtar Command circle.

The Space People

Orthon, a Venusian of the Nordic type.
Ashtar Sheran, Commandant of the Station Schare.



Jovians (Jupiter)



Earth People on Other Planets

  • Bucky, a physical contact of Buck Nelson: an Earthling who'd been transported to Venus, where he was reported to have been teaching English to the Venusians

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