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Gloria Lee
Born 21 March 1926(1926-03-21) [1]
Los Angeles, California
Died 3 December 1962 (36) [2][3][4]
Washington, D.C.
Nationality American
Affiliations Cosmon Research Foundation
Known for Space Brothers
Noted work(s) "Why We Are Here!"
Spouse(s) William H. Byrd (1952-)

Gloria Lee Byrd (March 21, 1926 - December 3, 1962) was an American contactee and trance medium who professed to act as a channel for J.W., a being from Jupiter.


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  • Flight attendant, five years
  • Married to William H. Byrd, aeronautical engineer, in 1952
  • Ground hostess, Los Angeles Int'l Airport
  • First psychic contact from J.W. in September 1953
  • Founded "Cosmon Research Foundation" in the late-1950s
  • Died in Washington, D.C., in December 1962, following a two-month fast

"Ascended Master Glo-Ria"

Following her death, a channel named Nada-Yolanda (Pauline Sharpe) claimed to be receiving messages from Gloria Lee, who, she reported, had become an ascended master called Glo-Ria. The messages, describing "her next-life experiences, what happens and how to adjust to the transition from this plane to the next, man's spiritual nature and heritage, eternal life for everyone, and life on other planes and planets" were published as "Life in Our Solar System" (1963).[5]

Selected Bibliography

It should be noted that Lee claimed credit for neither of these works, explaining that she was the "Instrument" of J.W.'s authorship. If one is inclined to accept that as true, it may be said that she at least wrote the introductions.


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