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Origin Alpha Centauri
First Contact(s) Elary J. Willsie

Renton was the Alpha Centauri contact of Elary J. Willsie, Gabriel Green's 1960 presidential campaign manager and long-time AFSCA associate. Of note, the space-man Renton was credited with providing UFO International with blurry photos of a flying saucer, the low quality attributed to magnetic fields and force-fields produced by the craft.[1]


  1. Green, Gabriel, ed. (June 1963), "Spaceman Takes Saucer Photo for AFSCA", UFO International (18): 14,, retrieved 2017-04-08, "The picture was taken on black and white film with an inexpensive box camera which Renton had borrowed from AFSCA. We were told that the reason for the indistinct quality of the picture is that it was taken through the magnetic field of Renton's own ship, as well as through the force-field of the craft in the picture, which doubly distorted the light."