Lewis Ashmore

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Lewis Ashmore
Born 18 October 1931(1931-10-18) [1]
Cleveland, Bolivar Co., Mississippi
Died 24 March 2008 (76)
Tehachapi, Kern Co., California
Affiliations Universal Life Church (Modesto, CA); Life Awareness Center (Tehachapi, CA)

Lewis Leland Ashmore (October 18, 1931 - March 24, 2008) was an American preacher and exorcist, a co-founder with Kirby J. Hensley of the Universal Life Church. Ashmore was also a lecturer on Ufology, associated with AFSCA Unit No. 50, as well as a musician-composer (as a member of the Space Walkers), and an "inventor and psychic" who, at the time his book Modesto Messiah was first published in 1977, was reported to have been working on a "prototype for a 'free-field energy automobile motor'" at Bakersfield, California.[2]

Selected Bibliography

  • Ashmore, Lewis (1977), The Modesto Messiah: The Famous Mail-Order Minister, Bakersfield, Calif.: Universal Press 

Selected Discography

Lewis Ashmore was the vocalist of The Space Walkers, a California-based band, which released a few singles on vinyl in the mid-1960s, generally through the Bakersfield, California label "UFO Records."


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