Gregorio Yabes

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Gregorio Yabes was a Filipino saucerian, founder of the Flying Saucer and Cosmic Ray Fellowship and AFSCA Unit No. 11 at Quezon City, Philippines.

Press Coverage

  • Magda, Rico R. (1986), Beckley, Timothy Green, ed., "UFOS Around the World: There are Sightings Galore in the Philippines", UFO Review (24): 22, 24, 

    Dr. Gregorio Yabes reported that he himself saw some UFOs on two occasions. First was In May, 1947, at about 6:30 P.M. at the construction site of the Quezon Memorial College (QMC). Upon looking up, he saw a motionless, cigar-shaped object with portholes from out of which a bright light was leaking.

    His second sighting was at 5 P.M. on May, 1950, atop the QMC building. He said that he saw 7 helmet-like flying objects glistening with light from the setting sun. Some of these flew together while others flew separately.

    So intrigued did Dr. Gregorio Yabes become with UFOs that in 1956, he formed the Flying Saucer and Cosmic Ray Fellowship, Inc. aimed at studying UFO sightings and the “messages” from them.

    Asked about any beings that might possibly be Inside the UFOs, Dr. Yabes reportedly said, “These are beings similar to us, many of whom originally came from earth but now populate other planets.” Asked about what planet they came from he answered “Saturn — the most thickly populated planet.”