Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA)

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Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America

Abbreviation AFSCA
Formation 28 January 1959 [1]
Dissolution January 2002; not renewed following Green's death.
Type California Nonprofit
Legal status Suspended
Predecessor Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Groups
Purpose/focus Ufology
President Gabriel Green
Key people Elary J. Willsie, Cletus Goffard, Helen Sibert

The Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America was a California-based non-profit saucerian organisation, formed in 1959 by Gabriel Green as a successor to his earlier Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Groups. AFSCA was most active during the sixties and early seventies, publishing a series of newsletters and magazines, including Thy Kingdom Come (1959), World Report (1959-61), UFO International (1962-65), and Flying Saucers International (1966-69), and orchestrating conferences in Los Angeles, California and Reno, Nevada.


Selected Publications

  • Green, Gabriel, ed. (1959), Thy Kingdom Come: Dedicated to the Physical, Spiritual and Economic Emancipation of Man, Los Angeles: AFSCA 
  • Green, Gabriel, ed. (1959-61), AFSCA World Report, Los Angeles: AFSCA 
  • Green, Gabriel, ed. (1965-65), UFO International, Los Angeles: AFSCA 
  • Green, Gabriel, ed. (1966-69), Flying Saucers International, Los Angeles, California: AFSCA 
  • Green, Gabriel, ed., AFSCA Information Sheet, Yucca Valley, California: AFSCA 


Event Location Venue Dates Notes
AFSCA First National Convention Los Angeles, California Statler Hilton Hotel July 11-12, 1959 -
AFSCA Second National Convention Los Angeles, California Shrine Auditorium August 13-14, 1960 -
AFSCA Third National Convention Reno, Nevada Centennial Coliseum July 8-10, 1966 [2]


Working groups of the Flying Saucer Clubs under local direction were certified through the sixties. The following constitutes a brief index of those chapters (as published in various issues of UFO / Flying Saucers International).

No. City/Town State/Prov. Country Director Notes
1 Los Angeles California USA Gabriel Green Green was succeeded as local director by Marvin Mochel
2 Montreal Quebec Canada Helene Vaughan Unit #2 was relocated to Studio City, Calif. in early 1968
3 Arlington Heights Illinois USA William M. Caulfield
4 Cleveland Ohio USA Robert D. Brubaker
5 Reno Nevada USA Miguel A. Ribera
6 Colonia New Jersey USA Bernard Singer
7 Oakland California USA Della Lee Larson
8 Watertown New York USA Walter K. Brauer
9 Perris California USA Mrs. Frank B. Standing Horse
(Alta LeCount)
10 Wichita Kansas USA Wilma Danford
11 Quezon City Philippines Gregorio Yabes
12 Bolton Connecticut USA Eugene Carini
13 Wilton Maine USA John Patterson
14 New Windsor Maryland USA John W. Dilley
15 Phoenix Arizona USA Charles A. Marcoux
16 Grand Junction Colorado USA G. Kenneth Millett
17 Appleton Wisconsin USA Charlotte E. Blob
18 Spokane Washington USA Mrs. Jack A. Campbell
19 Riverton New Jersey USA Michael J. Campione
20 Carlsbad New Mexico USA Daisy O. Walker
21 St. Petersburg Florida USA Joan Whritenour
22 Rochester New York USA William T. Sherwood
23 Easton Pennsylvania USA George D. Fawcett
24 Winslow Arizona USA Mary J. Daily
25 Seattle Washington USA Leverett G. Tallman
26 Bridgeton New Jersey USA Kenneth Homan
27 Granada Hills California USA Maureen C. Kline
28 Indianapolis Indiana USA Alfred L. Milligan
29 Los Angeles California USA Mary W. Hirdler
30 Feilding North Island New Zealand Stan Beazer
31 Aiea, Oahu Hawaii USA
32 Flagstaff Arizona USA Ruth Rice
33 Corso delle Province Catania Italy Eugenio Siragusa
34 Geneva Romandy Switzerland Roger P. Perrinjaquet
35 New Albany Indiana USA Merry Browne
36 Pleasant Hill California USA Vivian Hultgren
37 Meadville Pennsylvania USA Don and Sherry O'Day
38 Aurora Illinois USA Fred W. Woolcott
39 Zanesville Ohio USA Nancy Lee Goldsmith
40 Binghamton New York USA Gerald M. Reynolds
41 Pietersburg N. Transvaal South Africa Rona E. Mohr
42 Modesto California USA Mercedes A. Brown
43 Majorville Alberta Canada L.M. Francis
44 St. Paul Minnesota USA William Prinz
45 Everett Washington USA Ray and Jean Sebring
46 Lincoln Park Michigan USA Ben Blazs
47 Chico California USA John H. Smith
48 Burbank California USA Jack Serafin
49 Lincoln City Oregon USA Bob L. Scherpf
50 Bakersfield California USA Lewis L. Ashmore Offered a "Flying Saucer Table Lamp" for meditation and other uses in the late 1960s.[3]
51 Alma Nebraska USA John Donaly
52 Queens Village New York USA Ronald Ericson
53 Norristown Pennsylvania USA Robert B. Schied
54 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada Brent Burlington
55 Bronx New York USA Anthony F. Amendola
56 Hamburg New York USA Peter J. Blechinger
57 Salina Kansas USA Mrs. Alberto R. Farrell
58 Montreal Quebec Canada Gilles Cote
59 Houston Texas USA Conrad E. Senter
60 Glens Falls New York USA Mrs. Winifred M. Waldron
61 Cincinnati Ohio USA Paul Foster Koch
62 Rugby North Dakota USA Gary Lunde Holm
63 Fort Lauderdale Florida USA Dave W. Bent
64 Great Falls Montana USA Norval C. Williamson
65 Pointe Claire Quebec Canada Kjell Lexow
66 Oshkosh Wisconsin USA Joseph H. Thomas
67 Puerto Nuevo Puerto Rico USA Jorge Hernandez
68 Del City Oklahoma USA Ronny German
69 Narberth Pennsylvania USA Ric Smith
70 Rockville Maryland USA Phoebe Pfaehler
71 Las Palmas Gran Canaria Spain Maria Carmen Lopez
72 Condado, Santurce Puerto Rico USA Lester J. Rosas
73 Syracuse New York USA David Lorczak
74 Powell River British Columbia Canada Allan R. Tuck
75 Sherman Texas USA Charles E. Vincent
76 Lamar Arkansas USA R. F. Scott
77 Durand Michigan USA Larry Turner
78 Spiceland Indiana USA Randy Paul Jones
79 Fort Thomas Kentucky USA George Henry Wagner, Jr.
80 Westmont New Jersey USA Betty C. Lynch
81 Chesterfield Indiana USA Richard E. Jones
82 Lancaster Pennsylvania USA Craig Putt
83 New Bedford Massachusetts USA Daniel Mello
84 Caguas Puerto Rico USA Nancy Caballer
85 Otterbein Indiana USA Stanley Wilhelm
86 Providence Rhode Island USA Steven J. Bessette
88 Austinmer South Coast Australia William Alexander Hennen
89 Hamburg New York USA Robert D. Brock
90 Puuppola Jyväskylä Finland Erkki Erähonka
91 Truro Nova Scotia Canada Frank E. Gordon
92 Lausanne Romandy Switzerland Theophil Schwarz
93 Nashua New Hampshire USA David Clough
94 Des Moines Iowa USA Hollis E. Sundberg
95 San Jose California USA Mrs. William Worthy
96 Worcester Massachusetts USA David James Sellig
97 Venice California USA Harold W. Hughes
98 Marydel Maryland USA John Francis Rando
99 Woodland Hills California USA Richard J. R. Pluth
100 Marseille Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur France Christian Daniel Assoun
101 Wolcott Connecticut USA Irene G. Kavula
102 Dawson Creek British Columbia Canada Len Jason
103 Columbus Ohio USA Kevin McCray
104 Lagos Nigeria Imeh Emmanuel
105 Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA Theresa Kanost
106 North Ogden Utah USA Chris W. Morton
107 Dover New Jersey USA Howard J. Chegwidden


Among varied ephemera produced by AFSCA, the more famous included: postcards featuring one of Paul Villa's flying saucer photographs, claimed to have been taken 16 June 1963 near Albequerque, New Mexico, with the title "See... FLYING SAUCERS Are Real!" (as well as a holiday-themed version reading "Merry Christmas From Out Of This World"); bumper stickers that read "Flying Saucers Are Real, The Air Force Doesn't Exist"; and round pin-back buttons featuring an Adamski-style saucer at center with the words "FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL" encircling.