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Lee Crandall
Alma mater Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles

Lee Crandall was an American chiropractic and contactee who claimed to have been transported to Venus by Taho and Bocco in August 1954, as he detailed in his book The Venusians, published the following year.

According to Crandall, the Venusians he encountered were ancient humans originating in South America, described by him as Incans, who left Earth to live on the planet Venus "hundreds of thousands of years ago" as escapees of the cataclysmic testing of an ancient atomic bomb. These Venincans apparently traveled in spaceships made of white dove feathers that have been "magnetized," a basic design unchanged since the time of their departure from Earth. Physically, the beings were described by Crandall as having no bones, these replaced by elastic vessels enclosed by fibrous membranes in their skeletal structure, and as having blood of thicker, oilier consistency than Earthlings, in addition to a more complex nervous system generally; despite these internal differences, they were of otherwise human appearance, though with "pointed ears, large feet, and a duck-like gait."[JP] Crandall further suggested that those seeking contact with the Venincans should adopt a vegetarian diet and drink fruit juices, particularly orange juice, to "prepare one for the rigors of space flight."[MK]

Selected Bibliography

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See also:

  • Thomas, Dorothy, ed. (1958), Life on Venus According to the Great Mystics, Los Angeles, Calif.: New Age Publishing Co.  — featuring descriptions of Venus by Lee Crandall and others, including William Dudley Pelley, Dana Howard, Emanuel Swedenborg, &c.

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