Frank Buckshot Standing Horse

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Frank Buckshot Standing Horse
Born 8 May 1891(1891-05-08) [1]
near Bono, Ohio
Died 2 May 1977 (85) [2]
Riverside, California
Burial Elsinore Valley Cemetery, Lake Elsinore, California [3]
Nationality Ottawa, American
Alma mater Moody Bible Institute
Workplace(s) Wildwood Chapel (Oklahoma Indian Christian Camp); Wayside Chapel
Affiliations AFSCA
Known for Space Brothers contactee
Spouse(s) Alta LeCount

Frank Buckshot Standing Horse (May 8, 1891 - May 2, 1977) was an Ottawa-American evangelical Protestant minister and contactee who claimed he had been transported to the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Clarion, and Orean aboard Mandra Oleeka's saucer-like spacecraft Vea-O-Mus.


  • "Interview w/ Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse, a full-blooded Ottawa Indian",

    12.14.02.- Interview w/ Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse, a full-blooded Ottawa Indian; older gentleman wearing full-feather war bonnet & other Indian accoutrements. Tells story of UFO contact on July 12, 1959, when he went for a ride on a flying saucer. Cam pans right to CU of drawing of alleged spacecraft, the good ship Vea-O-Mus from Oreon, a planet from “outside our galaxy:; Frank describes the craft’s facilities and the planets he passed while on the four day excursion. Tilt to CU Frank as he tells of the ship’s pilot, Mandra Oleeka, a “very beautiful woman… of 417 years… tall, dark complexion, beautiful blue eyes, well-shaped… certainly blessed with beauty.” Cam pans R to drawing of a Engarcar, a car-like vehicle powered by electro-magnetic energy that Frank witnessed while on Venus; Frank tells of the driver, who was from Nebraska and assumed the Frank was from there too because of his American Indian heritage (?!)."

Selected Bibliography

  • My Four Day Trip to Mars, Venus, Clarion and Orean 

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