Mars (contacts)

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Mosaic of the Schiaparelli Hemisphere of Mars (USGS, Photo from Viking 1 Orbiter)

Mars (named for the Roman god of war) is the fourth of the four terrestrial planets in the Earth solar system. Several contactees have claimed to be in communication with beings of Martian origin, and some have claimed to be Martians themselves.


Claimants to Martian Origins


  • Gerald Heard proposed in his book The Riddle of the Flying Saucers: Is Another World Watching? (London: Carroll & Nicholson, 1950) that flying saucers might be piloted by super-intelligent Martian bees

Press Coverage

  • Aurora Airship Crash (1897): the airship was reported to have been of Martian origin, and, further, the remains of the Martian pilot were claimed to have been buried in the town cemetery of Aurora, Wise County, Texas.