William Ferguson

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William Ferguson
Born 23 July 1900(1900-07-23)
Conklin, Michigan
Died 20 June 1967 (66) [1]
Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Affiliations Cosmic Circle of Fellowship
Known for Z-rays

William R. Ferguson (July 23, 1900 - June 20, 1967) was an American promoter of relaxation therapies and contactee, claiming to receive psychic messages from Khauga of Mars, which he promulgated through his Cosmic Circle of Fellowship.


  • "Relax First", teaching on the art of relaxation, from the mid-1930s.
  • Invented and began manufacture of Zerret Applicator, a plastic dumbbell containing special water that would allegedly generate healing "z-rays", c. 1940s.
  • After first being brought to trial in the late 1940s, Ferguson was sentenced to two years in jail for misbranding of Zerret Applicator in 1950.[2]
  • Founded Cosmic Circle of Fellowship in 1954. Shortly after, Ferguson first published My Trip to Mars, in which he made claims that he achieved illumination and transcended our dimension in 1938, came into contact with Khauga of Mars in 1947.
  • Run-in with the law stemming from his sales pitch on a Martian "brain-relaxing helmet" to a Milwaukee policewoman, 1954.[3]

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