Cosmic Circle of Fellowship

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Cosmic Circle of Fellowship
Formation 3 March 1955 [1]
Dissolution 8 August 2008
Type Illinois Not-For-Profit
Legal status Inactive
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Founder William Ferguson
Director Edna Valverde

The Cosmic Circle of Fellowship was a Chicago, Illinois-based contactee organisation, founded by William Ferguson with Edward Surine and Edna Valverde in 1955. Among other things, it acted as a publisher of books and pamphlets detailing teachings that Ferguson reportedly channelled from his extraterrestrial contact, Khauga of Mars.

Selected Publications

  • Ferguson, William (1954), My Trip to Mars, Chicago: Cosmic Circle of Fellowship 
  • Khauga the Comforter; Ferguson, William (1955), A Message from Outer Space: A Decoding of the Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse) of the Bible; This Book Was a Revelation of Jesus Christ Given to His Angel to Give It to John His Servant Who Was on the Isle of Patmos When the Revelation Was Given. 
  • Ferguson, William (1955), Five Hours with the Oligarchs of Venus, Chicago: Cosmic Circle of Fellowship 
  • Regarding the Space Phenomena, Chicago: Cosmic Circle of Fellowship, 1958 
  • Ferguson, William (1959), The New Revelation 

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