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Zerret Applicator
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Photo of a Zerret Applicator (flickr/fdaphotos)

Medical Claims Health and well-being restored via relaxation therapy and "Z-rays"
Creator(s) William Ferguson

The Zerret Applicator is a device consisting of two conjoined plastic spheres (frequently compared to a dumbbell) containing a tube of a substance called "Zerret water" that, when held with one hand on each sphere (and legs uncrossed) for a prescribed time period, would allegedly generate "Z-rays" to "expand all the atoms of one's being," purportedly balancing life forces and inducing relaxation to cure the user of a variety of ailments. It was invented and manufactured by William Ferguson, with sales managed by his associate, Mary Stanakis, both of whom were ultimately charged and found guilty of "sending a misbranded article interstate" for their troubles;[1] at trial, a government chemist tasked with investigating the device found the "Zerret water" to be ordinary tap water.

The device was one of several singled out for denouncement as fraudulent in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public service announcement video aimed at senior citizens, in which actor Raymond Massey states that "there are no z-rays."

Press Coverage

  • Simmons, Patti (9 March 1954), "Medical Quacks Are Fooling You In Atomic Age", Freeport Journal-Standard (Freeport, Illinois): 7, 

    Z-Rays Expand Atoms To cure disease, said the directions, a patient had only to sit, without crossing his knees, holding the dumbbell, one knob in each hand, for 30 minutes at a time. This $50 "toy" was loaded with "Zerret Water" which was said to give forth "Z-rays." The maker claimed his treatment would "expand all the atoms of one's being."

  • CT (19 May 1950), "MEDICAL QUACKS FOUND GUILTY IN FEDERAL TRIAL", Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois): 17, 

    William R. Ferguson, 49, a former cab driver, and Mrs. Mary Stanakis, 50, were found guilty yesterday of sending a misbranded article thru interstate commerce in connection of Ferguson's so-called healing device known as the Zerret Applicator[...] Ferguson claimed that his gadget had certain healing powers but a government chemist testified the applicator contained nothing but ordinary tape water and that the one he examined also had some added particles of house dust.



  • Therapeutic Potency of Expanded Hydrogen Atoms 
  • Directions for Use of the Zerret Applicator 
  • "Why Zerret Works", "Zerret is produced by expanding the hydrogen atom, which in turn produces positive Life Energy. When you hold the Zerret Applicator it works on your life current, expanding the Atoms of the same. As this takes place, it in turn expands all atoms of your being." 


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