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Oomaruru was an extraterrestial contact from the planet Mars that was claimed in October 1926 by Hugh Mansfield Robinson, an English solicitor, tax collector, and apparent telepathist. The original contact between the two was initiated, so the story went, by Robinson when he paid to have the Rugby Radio Station near Hillmorton, Warwickshire transmit a brief radiotelegraph message (16kHz VLF), consisting of the call sign "MMM" followed by the two words "opestinipitia secomba"; this was ostensibly received by the Martians, who declined to respond in kind, preferring instead to have Oomaruru respond via telepathy.

According to Robinson, Oomaruru described the inhabitants of Mars as being essentially human in appearance, albeit seven to eight feet tall on average and with larger ears "sticking out on each side of the head," typically having a "huge shock" of black hair "massed high," almond eyes, and "a Chinese cast of features," and that the Martians drank tea (from the teapot through the spout, rather than in cups) and consumed tobacco habitually. It was further stated by Robinson that Oomaruru had related a few facts about Martian technological achievement: their automobiles were said to "hop and skip" over the ground, not quite flying but close; their airships were electrically-powered; and Mars had mastered wireless technology "long before Marconi was born."

Robinson's attempts to contact Mars via varying methods began as early as 1918, and he long sought to convince the public of the truth of his claims, including in particular a failed attempt to receive a wireless message from the Martians in 1928.

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