Oscar Kiss Maerth

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Oscar Kiss Maerth
Born 8 October 1914(1914-10-08)
Kingdom of Hungary
Died 26 August 1990 (75) [1]
Nationality Hungarian; British
Affiliations Omnia Mundi Foundation
Known for Theories on human evolution driven by cannibalism
Noted work(s) The Beginning was the End (1971)

Oscar Kiss Maerth (October 8, 1914 - August 26, 1990) was a Hungarian-born British businessman, Buddhist convert, vegetarian advocate, and amateur anthropologist, notable as the author of a theory of human evolution involving cannibalistic encephalophagy as an evolutionary catalyst, provoking sexual excitation and mental expansion in the species, detailed in his 1971 book Der Anfang war das Ende ("The Beginning Was the End").

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