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George Francis Gillette
George Francis Gillette - portrait (c. 1917).jpg

Photo portrait, c. 1917

Born George Francis Gillett [1]
15 August 1875(1875-08-15)
Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Michigan
Died 16 February 1937 (61)
New York City, New York
Alma mater University of Michigan (B.S., E.Eng. 1896)

George Francis Gillette[i] (August 15, 1875 - February 16, 1937) was an American electrical engineer who developed what he called the Spiral Maximote Universe Theory, a novel and fiercely anti-Einsteinian, anti-Planckian physics, this being an interest of Tiffany Thayer and his Fortean Society.

Spiral Maximote Universe

  • The basic units of existence are unimotes; the universe is the supraunimote; the cosmos in toto is the maximote; and the ultimote is the "Nth sub-universe plane."
  • "Just as unimotes and electrons are synonymous, so are unimoticity and electricity."

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    The Mystic Mistooks — Witch Doctors of Science

    Since the Unitary Theory explains the structure of the entire Cosmos, from bottom to top, using only the sane rational methods employed by a mechanic in a machine shop, why debase our reason by attempting to explain cosmic construction by mystic flubdub? Suppose we did not understand terrestrial mechanics, but did perfectly comprehend all the outside Cosmos. Would it not then be absurd to assume our earth mechanics were unique, contrary to all outside phenomena, a mushy mystic miasma?

    Well, then, in reverse, why guess idiotically about the Outside when we know the Inside? Should it not be all alike? A mathematician has no doubt about the universality of mathematics. But the mystic physicist, who sees it all spread out at his feet, in his eyes and hands, dreams that a lunatic eddingsteinian bedlam of erratic disorder prevails beyond our Sun, tho at the same time he demands that his light come straight thru all the grotesqueries of curveting “empty space,” ether with its “permanent waves,” parallel lines which criss-cross at infinity, reflect and return in reversed parallel, bricks made from buildings, light traveling faster than its own subconstituent units like a train running faster than its diner’s fans thru space; colors with equal speeds because Algol’s winks reach us, at our great distance, as gray in stead of prismatic; gravitation (which “can’t be seen and therefore can’t exist”), but a fairy tale scene shifter in the farce called Regional Geometry (tho a corkscrew on earth shows us how gravity really works); “space eating mass,” the Universe is “running down, expanding and exploding;” space has from four to fifty odd extra (fairy tale) dimensions beyond geometry’s limit of three – length, breadth, depth; gravity nonchalantly and capriciously rolls down warps, ruts and tilting bowling alleys of an uncurvable nothingness, dubbed “curved space,” along its “easiest way,” like a wanton scornful of interfering reactions.

    And many other equally wild lunacies, such as the skeery mysteries of the “awful depths” of “empty space” (which should be equally scared of the “awful distant us”); “vast distant nebulae,” fleeing in panic from the ever fixed centric Man-Devil (sizzling thru space at 23 miles per second), at speeds causing light to blush, with a red faced spectrum; tho their light reaches us – they claim – in regular schedule time. Mass spends velocity as a spendthrift spends money – the faster it goes the “shorter” it becomes. All the above is contrary to fact. Nightmares of Mystic Mental Colic. And if you will only believe all the foregoing, “they will tell you some more.” Allright. Swallow this:

    Their pet mascot, Man’s all-cosmic champion light unit, is the sole unique Outlaw and Gangster, privileged to break the universal Cosmic Law of Action and Reaction, of Cause and Effect, of all-impartial Orderliness. It reflects and refracts, to be sure; but only because it desires to do so of its own free will. But it arrogantly refuses to accept velocity reactions from other mass as all other mass units are compelled to do. Man’s light defies the Cosmos – UNLESS – the Mysticks are only Mistooks and you can safely bet your last dollar against them on almost any bet they offer. And they are our leaders? Nerts!

    These Mystic Vaudevillians for twenty years have been putting over the greatest Farce in Science. It is time “they got a laugh.” One Great World Roar! Surely the audience has not taken these showmen seriously! They are just having a lot of fun at our expense and, meanwhile, gathering in huge royalties while spoofing us. Readers! Is it not about time we “cleaned house” in Science and swept these goofy mystics out into the backyard? Have you not enough plain common-sense to take their measure, to see what they really are? Well, turn on the Hose of Reason, swab the Ground Floor of Science, draining them down the Sewer to Oblivion, to sink beneath the Sea of Sane Thought – the Ocean of Truth.

    An orthod-ox will not believe anything is what it is unless it happens to be just what “he was told” he “must believe” it to be. All of which boils down to the alleged definition by a precocious English child: “Faith is believing what you know is not so.”

    Real scientists never believe even a demonstrated fact fanatically. They are ever ready to repair a tentative acceptance to harmonize with later evidence. Fanaticism cannot flourish on Truth, it must feed on Fantasy, where it takes a real effort to “believe” and so should earn a reward for concession and share in its emoluments. It is a “racket.” The truth seeker is never a fanatic. He has no fantasies to be fanatic about So he is serene and humane, civilized. He does not strive to force his opinions on others, since he may soon change them himself. “Live and let live” is his motto. In short, he is “for man.”

    “Vast distant stars,” “remote depths of space” and “gigantic nebulae” are but relativities. They exist everywhere, up and down, around and within us. They are but points of view and everything which ever happens within, to or from, them occurs in replica in all planes of size. Our Home Cosmic Circus is a complete and every bit as good as those distant awful mygodhowwonderful ones. If you feel awed be honest enough to realize you but feel ignorant. Awe means only, “aw! I don’t understand.” Eliminate awe as you would dust from a telescope’s lens or, self-blinded you will never see.


  1. Though his surname at birth and during university was Gillett, and his grave marker in Saginaw, Michigan is likewise, Gillette seems to have added the e at some point during his adult life, as he was credited as such in newspaper coverage of his wartime activities and published his books under the name Gillette.