Hanns Hörbiger

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Hanns Hörbiger
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Born Johann Evangelist Hörbiger
29 November 1860(1860-11-29)
Atzersdorf, Vienna, Austrian Empire
Died 11 October 1931 (70)
Mauer, Vienna, First Austrian Republic
Known for Welteislehre

Hanns Hörbiger (November 29, 1860 - October 11, 1931) was an Austrian engineer from Vienna who devised the Welteislehre hypothesis (English: "World Ice Doctrine", WEL, also known as Glacial Cosmogony). His concepts were put forward in books authored in collaboration with amateur astronomer Philipp Fauth. Hörbiger's theories were later popularized by H.S. Bellamy, and influenced Hans Robert Scultetus, head of the Pflegestätte für Wetterkunde ("Meteorology Section") of the Ahnenerbe ("Ancestral Heritage"), a department of the Nazi German Schutzstaffel (SS), who believed that Welteislehre could be used to provide accurate long-range weather forecasts.

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  • Hörbiger was an early supporter and financial backer of the artificial language Occidental, now known as Interlingue.