Those Sexy Saucer People (1967 book)

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Those Sexy Saucer People

Cover art by Ed Smith
Author George H. Smith
(as Jan Hudson)
Illustrator Ed Smith
Publisher Greenleaf Classics
Pub. date 1967
Language English

Those Sexy Saucer People is a 1967 book, written by George Henry Smith under the pseudonym Jan Hudson, that covers a range of contactee accounts, including certain episodes of a sexual or titillating nature. It is almost certainly most well-known for the salacious cover art by Ed Smith, which depicts the interior of a spacecraft, focused on a red-skinned, pointy-eared, mop-topped alien in the nude, save a transparent helmet, studying a green liquid in a glass beaker, and two naked women at his feet, a blonde and a redhead, both appearing to be in states of distress and disorientation, and behind them a second helmeted-but-otherwise-nude red alien facing away toward a control panel.

The first chapter of the book is a short-story that Smith had previously published under his own name in Galaxy (v. 24, n. 4, Apr. 1966) called the "The Night Before", which is followed by a roving overview of varied contactee claims, including those of: Daniel Fry; Gloria Lee; Buck Nelson; Miriam Teel Clarke; Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver; Elary J. Willsie and Gabriel Green of AFSCA; Truman Bethurum; Bessie T. Arthur; George Van Tassel; George Adamski; George Hunt Williamson; Mortimer Bane; Joe Simonton; Dr. Rev. William Suther (Interplanetary Fellowship); Sonya Lyubein; Frank Scully and Silas Mason Newton; Cordelia Donovan ("Raped in a U.F.O."); Lee Childers (a.k.a. Prince Neosom); George King; Bob Renaud ("He Walked in Space"); Howard and Connie Menger ("A Lover from Saturn"); and Antonio Villas-Boas ("Seduced in a Saucer"). There is also a chapter dedicated to select Biblical and historical claims of unusual sky phenomenon and the Mystery Airship flap.


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