Those Sexy Saucer People (1967 book)

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Those Sexy Saucer People
Author George H. Smith
(as Jan Hudson)
Illustrator Ed Smith
Publisher Greenleaf Classics
Pub. date 1967
Language English

Those Sexy Saucer People is a 1967 book, written by George H. Smith under the pseudonym Jan Hudson, that covers a range of contactee accounts with an emphasis, as the title suggests, on those of a sexual or titillating nature. It is almost certainly most well-known for the salacious cover art by Ed Smith, which depicts the interior of a spacecraft, focused on a red-skinned, pointy-eared, mop-topped alien in the nude, save a transparent helmet, studying a green liquid in a glass beaker, and two naked women at his feet, a blonde and a redhead, both appearing to be in states of distress and disorientation, and behind them a second helmeted-but-otherwise-nude red alien facing away toward a control panel.


  • Hudson, Jan (1967), Those Sexy Saucer People, San Diego, California: Greenleaf Classics