Joe Simonton

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Joe Simonton
Alias(es) "Pancake Joe"
Born 5 February 1901(1901-02-05)
Potomac, Vermillion Co., Illinois
Died 24 August 1972 (71)
Eagle River, Vilas Co., Wisconsin

Joseph "Joe" C. Simonton (February 5, 1901 - August 24, 1972) was an American plumber and chicken farmer who reported that a gleaming silver, oblong flying craft landed in a field near his farm in rural Vilas County, Wisconsin near Eagle River on 18 April 1961, and that he observed inside, through an open hatch, three humanoids of short stature, smooth-shaven with dark complexions, described by Simonton as Italian in appearance, each in black two-piece suits, including turtleneck sweaters, and wearing fitted helmets. According to Simonton's report, one of the three pilots requested water in a silver jug, which Simonton dutifully provided, and in exchange Simonton was offered three small pancakes, which he accepted, after which the hatch closed and the craft flew away. One of the "outer space pancakes" was analysed by the Food and Drug Laboratory of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) and found to be made of ingredients of "terrestrial origin", including hydrogenated fat (margarine), starch, buckwheat, wheat bran, and soy; for his part, Simonton related that one of the three he tried tasted like cardboard.

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