Sananda (Ashtar Command)

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"Commander Sananda of the Ashtar Command" (SD, 2023)

Affiliation Ashtar Command
Title(s) Master Jesus, Commander-in-Chief

Sananda is, according to some Ashtar Command contactee reports, a name of the resurrected Ascended Master Jesus (a refiguring of Jesus Christ), also known as Sananda Esu Immanuel (Jmmanuel)[1], who is described as being a leader (Commander-in-Chief) of Ashtar Galactic Command[2] and the Supreme Galactic Council.

The "Commander-in-Chief" Sananda of the Ashtar Command is almost certainly a direct borrowing of Dorothy Martin's Sananda, who was claimed to reside on the planet Clarion, and who Martin stated was the origin of automatic writing messages she had received, predicting, among other things, that the world would be destroyed on 21 December 1954.


Eric Klein (1990s)

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