Understanding, Inc.

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Understanding, Inc.
Formation c. 1955
Type Nonprofit
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters El Monte, Calif.;
Merlin, Oregon
President Daniel W. Fry

Understanding, Inc. was an American non-profit organisation, formed in around 1955 by Daniel W. Fry, for the purpose of promoting saucerian ideas and coordinating local working groups of believers, which included hosting meetings and conventions (such as the Understandorama) and publishing, both newsletters and books.


Understanding Units

No. City/Town State/Prov. Country Director Notes
1 El Monte California USA Daniel W. Fry later directed by Tom Pierson; eventually relocated to Merlin, Oregon
1 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
1 Lagos Nigeria Imeh Emmanuel
1 Stockholm Sweden Sven Erik Asklund
2 San Mateo California USA Celia Barnes later relocated to Nevada City, Calif.
3 Oakland California USA Della Larson a.k.a. Oakland Spacecraft Club
4 Vista California USA Mrs. John Sheppard
5 Ponoma California USA Natalie Thoreson
6 San Fernando Valley California USA Charlotte Sullivan in Burbank, Calif.
7 Placenta California USA Robert H. Scott
8 Long Beach California USA Anne S. Rowe a.k.a. Long Beach Interplanetary Research Group
9 Soquel California USA Bernard F. McGuire
10 Baltimore Maryland USA Percy R. Frailey
11 San Francisco California USA Doris Aylworth
12 Pasadena California USA Edward McMahon
12 Altadena California USA Hope Troxell
13 Grants Pass Oregon USA Lyndall Harper
14 Brooklyn New York USA C. Lois Jessop
15 Inglewood California USA Lee Yates in Los Angeles, Calif.
16 Sacramento California USA
17 Albany California USA
18 Santa Rosa California USA
19 Palm Springs California USA
20 Garberville California USA
21 Miranda California USA
24 Medford Oregon USA
26 Eugene Oregon USA Olin Byerly
29 San Bernardino California USA A. Arthur Lasky
31 Marin County California USA
36 Willows California USA
37 Buffalo New York USA
44 Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
45 Toledo Ohio USA
46 Sacramento California USA
50 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
51 Sayre Pennsylvania USA
58 Miramonte California USA Estalee Peterson
61 Yucaipa Valley California USA
65 Sunnyvale California USA
71 San Bernardino California USA
73 Springville New York USA Robert Fiedler
77 Chicago Illinois USA
78 Fort Lauderdale Florida USA Shirley H. Lewis
80 San Jose California USA
85 San Fernando California USA Jeff Perry
87 Globe Arizona USA R. J. Richardson, Lois Ayres
? Brooklyn New York USA Mariana Best