Adele Darrah Fahey

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Adele Darrah Fahey
Born Adele Dorothy Fuller
3 March 1915(1915-03-03)
Lewis Co., New York
Died 5 February 2008 (92)
Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Affiliations Borderland Sciences
Spouse(s) Thomas F. Darrah;
James J. Fahey (m. 1970)

Adele Dorothy Fahey (April 3, 1915 - February 5, 2008), also known as Adele Darrah, was an American saucerian and contactee who claimed to have physically met Ashtar in her Massachusetts home during the 1960s.

Selected Bibliography

  • Fahey, Adele Darrah (May & June 1973), "An Ecumenical Marriage for an Associate", Journal of Borderland Research 29 (3): 7-8 

Meeting with Ashtar

  • A letter from Adele Darrah to Marian Hartill, as quoted in Tuella's Ashtar - A Tribute (Durango, Colo.: Guardian Action Publications, 1985).

    "This all happened several years ago, and telling it appears so simple. I only know the whole incident was engraved upon my mind so that every detail of the man who said he was ASHTAR is as fresh as ever.

    "I went to sleep one night and then found myself downstairs in the living room. There, standing in front of the fireplace, was a man. He was very tall and slim. His bearing was erect. His hands were clasped behind his back, his feet were slightly apart. He was wearing a light uniform with a high collar. Around the neck was a trim-like braiding which was slightly darker in color. The trim extended down the front. There were no buttons, fastenings, or belt.

    "His face was oval, the skin alive, the hair had a definite widow's peak. There was no hair parting. His eyebrows were slim and delicate, the nose was thin, the mouth was rather straight, the lips thin. His eyes were brilliant and penetrating, almond-shaped with a slight Oriental appearance.

    "I stood waiting while his gaze held me. His expression was very serious and solemn. Then I said, 'How do you do? My name is Adele Darrah.'

    "Then he smiled - his teeth were very even and white. It was not a wide smile; little laugh lines appeared at the corner of his eyes. He was very much amused, as he said, 'I know.'

    "Then he straightened up and said, with military precision, 'I AM ASHTAR.'

    "Then everything faded from my memory. I have no idea or memory of what followed. I woke up the next morning only with this memory impressed upon me. I mentioned and described the incident to family and a few friends.

    "Later I learned that there was an individual named Ashtar. I read the book, In Days To Come. Then a little over a year ago a friend told me that two men who had seen Ashtar described him as I did.

    "My interest was renewed, and since then I have followed every clue concerning ASHTAR."