Jycondria (Ashtar Command)

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Affiliation Ashtar Command
Title(s) Commander
First Contact(s) "Lyara"

Jycondria is, according to some Ashtar Command contactee reports, an extraterrestrial being and member of the Ashtar Space Command, typically described as an assistant to Ashtar himself.[1]


Lyara (1980s)

  • Tuella; Terrell, Thelma (1982), Project World Evacuation, Deming, New Mexico: Guardian Action Publications 

    "The Eagles, 'Missionaries from Space,' who are to receive these messages, will be surprised at both the variety and importance of their final assignments. The leaders of this final work will emerge from those of you who have quietly prepared in this lifetime for the fulfillment of visions and destinies they have known they are working for. Each wave of vibrational tuning up that has been accomplished on this planet has brought forth spiritual leaders who effected and supported these spiritual advancements through writings, teachings, music, arts, drama, inventions, science, etc. Like a surfer emerging on the crest, their voice and influence has been spiritually uplifting to Humanity.

    "Some must deflect the energies of the darkened ones who throw their darts of destruction, attempting to interfere with this work. Guard well against psychic, etheric and psychological attacks, for subtly working their destructive bends through these vehicles can be more deadly than releasing the atom bomb. Work confidently and wisely in the Light, knowing full well the power of God. Fear not any power as being apart from God, for what you fear, you will be subject to."


  1. Terrill, Thelma, Project World Evacuation: Compiled through Tuella by the Ashtar Command,,, "Personally, I have greatly appreciated the words of Commander Jycondria, Assistant to Ashtar, as they have been given to us through spiritual messenger Lyara."