Doris C. Rennick

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Doris C. Rennick
Alias(es) Teska
Born Doris Ruby Collom
6 July 1918(1918-07-06)
Los Angeles, California
Died 25 December 2008 (90)
Yucca Valley, San Bernardino Co., California
Affiliations White Star (Joshua Tree, CA)

Doris Ruby Collom Rennick (July 6, 1918 - December 25, 2008), also known as Doris C. LeVesque and Teska, was an American medium and saucerian associated with the White Star organisation at Joshua Tree, California. Among other claims, LeVesque/Rennick stated that she was a channel for members of the Ashtar Command, becoming a primary source for many of the later beliefs regarding that extraterrestrial body.

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