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Codename MKULTRA
Initiated April 1953
Terminated 1966
Predecessor MKDELTA
Successor MKSEARCH
Op. Agency C.I.A.
Purpose Coordinated R&D into "control[ling] human behavior."

Project MKULTRA was a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency program conducted in cooperation with the Department of Defense, established in April 1953 as a successor to Project MKDELTA, for the purpose of experimentation with "various means of controlling human behavior,"[1] and more broadly "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior."[2] The project was reported as terminated in around 1966, and was succeeded by Project MKSEARCH.

Many records of the project were destroyed, but it is known from surviving records that there were a minimum of 149 separate operations (see below) financed under MKULTRA auspices, including experimental work at several Canadian and American universities. At least some of the work involved illegal testing on unwitting subjects, dosing them with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other drugs.

MKULTRA Subprojects

No. Purpose
1 Plants Isolation and Characterization of Rivea Corymbosa
2 Hypnotic Drug Research and Experimentation
3 Establishment and maintenance of facilities for testing and development
4 Mulholland's Manual
5b Denver University Hypnosis
6 Testing of Plants by HEF
7 Funding; ONR Probably Abramson
8 Boston Psychopathic Hospital
9 Depressants, Schizophrenics, Alcoholics
10 Personality Assessment
11 Botanicals Popkin (Documents and articles on Luis Angel Castillo)
12 Financial Records
13 CIA Support to Fort Detrick
14 Paying Bureau of Narcotics for White
15 Magic Support; Mulholland Supplement
16 Continuation of funding for Subproject 3, facilities for R&D
17 LSD Studies of [excised] University
19 Magic Manual
20 Synthesis Derivative of Yohimbine Hydrochloride
21 Defector Study: originally Drug Study
22 William Cook and Co. Research: Amanita Muscaria, Rivea Corymbosa
23 Development of "two new sources of biologically active compounds of interest"; human testing on terminal cancer patients
26 Pfeiffer, Finances
27 ONR Funding, LSD Research
28 Pfeiffer
30 Fort Detrick
31 Manufacture of Drugs by Pellow Wease Chemical Co.
32 Collection of Plants
33 Collection of 400 for SUBPR #27
34 More Support to Magic
35 Establishing a cover organisation for highly sensitive projects: Georgetown Hospital; Geschichter
36 Cuba Chapter Conference, Consultant, involving getting a man on a diverted freighter
37 Collection of Botanicals
39 Iowa State Hospital (and Ionia)
40 Funding, Probably Abrams LSD Research
42 Continuation of funding for Subproject 16: facilities for R&D
43 Combination drug, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation
44 Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of Illinois
45 Knockout, Stress, Cancer
46 Rochester LSD Drugs 47 -- Pfeiffer Atlanta
47 Pfeiffer Atlanta/Bordertown
48 HEF Cornell Relationship: Artichoke Team Proposals and Reports
49 Hypnosis at [excised] University
50 CIA Imprest Fund for $500
51 (1) Moore Collecting Botanicals
52 (2) Moore Collecting Botanicals
53 Moore Collecting Botanicals, Review Pharmacological lit.
54 Brain Concussion
55 Unwitting Drug Tests at [excised] University
56 Studies on Alcohol, Stanford Medical school
57 Sleep and Insomnia at GW Lloyd Gould
58 J. P. Morgan and Co. (see Wasson file) Agency Policy and Conferences
59 Unwitting Drug Tests at University of Maryland
60 Human Ecology
62 Consulting Work in Isolation/Electric Shock/CNS Drugs
63 Drugs and Alcohol (Butler)
64 Drugs
65 Hungarian Refugees
66 Alcohol and Drug Study
67 CIA Use of Institutes Facilities -- University of Indiana
69 Rutgers
70 "Knockout"
71 Dr. Wallace Chan at Stanford University Testing Drugs
72 Testing Drugs for Effects on Central Nervous System
73 University of Kentucky: Narcotics Farms, Narco-Hypnosis
74 Small HEF (1-2)
75 Mass. Mental Health (by Project number of master list)
77 Biological Lab (1)
78 Biological Lab (2-6)
79 Cutout for Funding Research of a "sensible nature"
81 Cornell--Extension of Hinkle--Wolf
82 Hungarian Refugees
83 Graphology Journal and Cover
84 Hypnosis Work
85 Stanford Medical School
86 Stanford Medical School: Telecontrol
87 Hyper-Allergic Substances
88 Cultural Appraisal
89 Hungarian Repatriation
90 MIT--A. J. Wiener
91 Drug Testing and Screening of Animals
92 Teaching Machine for Foreign Languages
93 Toxin Study--Cuba Chapter
95 Osgood
96 George Kelly
97 Schizophrenics Psychotherapy
98 Mass Conversion Study: Queens College
99 Optics mixed with Biological Warfare--Cuba Chapter
100 CBW Penn State
101 Biophysics of Central Nervous System
102 Adolescent Gangs
103 Children's Summer Camps
104 Sabotage of Petroleum
105 CBW, Disease
106 Electrodes, Russian Study
109 Drugs-CBW Testing
112 Vocational Studies in Children
113 Gas Sprays and Aerosols
114 Alcohol Study
115 Mentally Disturbed and Environment
116 Lab
117 Cultural Influences on Children
118 Microbiology--Penn State
119 Telecontrol--Texas Christian
120 Drug Research
121 Witch Doctor study - Dr. Raymond Prince -- McGill University
122 Study of Neurokinin
123 African Attitude Study
124 African Attitude Study
125 CO2 and Acid Base Research
126 Work on Placebos and Drugs
127 Disaster/Stress Study
128 Rapid Hypnotic Induction
130 Personality Theory, David Saunders/William Thetford; Columbia Univ.
132 Safe House -- Not San Francisco
133 Safe House -- Not San Francisco
134 Correlation Of Physique and Personality done by Haronian in New Jersey -- Human Ecology
135 Testing on Volunteers
136 ESP Research
137 Handwriting Analysis, Dr. Klare G Toman-HEF
139 Bird Disease Studies at Penn State
140 Human Voluntary Drug Testing
143 CBW/Bacteria University of Houston
147 Psychometric Drugs, THC
148 Marijuana Research
149 George White and Federal Bureau of Narcotics

(Index from "List of MKULTRA Unclassified Documents (including subprojects)".)



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