Project MKULTRA/Subproject 2

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Subproject 2 was a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency program, active from 1953 through 1958 and operating under the aegis of Project MKULTRA, organised for the purpose of researching behavioural modification, specifically studies of "the possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness through animal experimentation" and "a survey of methods to enable the administration of drugs to patients without their knowledge."[1] It is likely that human testing was financed through this project; however, according to the MKULTRA Briefing Book, financing was only requested for animal testing. The later Subproject 124 and Subproject 140 continued research in this area.

An unnamed psychiatrist and faculty member of Stanford Medical School was cited as a consultant on this subproject, working with Morgan Hall (an alias of George Hunter White, agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics).


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