Planets of indeterminate existence

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Being a cataloguing of planets whose existence has been claimed, but are as yet unproved or have not been located by any means of conventional astronomical calculation and observation (notwithstanding remote viewing or other forms of ESP).

Endo-Solar Planets

(Or, planets that exist within the solar system containing Earth.)

Planet Location Discoverer Year Notes
Etraa or Ejii "somewhere out beyond Jupiter" Elgar Brom - -
Clarion - Truman Bethurum - -

Extra-Solar Planets

Planet Star/System Constellation Discoverer Year Notes
Serpo Zeta Reticuli Reticulum - - -
Hercólubus Tilo - V. M. Rabolú -
Meteon Alpha Centauri Centaurus Elizabeth Klarer - -
TaoPao Sirius - Paul Wellmer - Per Weekly World News