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Grant Wallace
Grant Wallace - portrait.jpg

As pictured in "Sunset" (15:6), c. 1905

Born 10 February 1867(1867-02-10)
Hopkins, Missouri
Died 12 August 1954 (87)
Berkeley, California
Alma mater Western Normal College [Shenandoah, Iowa] (B.S., 1889)
Workplace(s) San Francisco Examiner; S.F. Chronicle; S.F. Evening Bulletin
Spouse(s) Helen Vail [Pilger] (m. 1891)
Relative(s) Charles William Wallace

Grant Wallace (February 10, 1867 - August 12, 1954) was an American journalist, war correspondent (active during the Russo-Japanese War and the Second American Occupation of Cuba), writer, cartoonist, and artist. Following his retirement from journalism, Wallace became a noted resident of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where he lived in a self-designed cabin and conducted experiments in "sublimated telepathy," whereby he believed he had contacted beings from other worlds (including "Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Uranus, [...] Zingomar (a planet of the star Altair), [and] planets near the Pleiades star cluster")[1] and spirits of the departed dead.

Experiments in Sublimated Telepathy

  • Received messages from the deceased, including: Harriet Martineau; Thomas Jefferson; Charles Dickens; Thomas Paine; Per Zimia; Yeolyr; Hippocrates; as well as messages from beings of other star systems, including: F.O.M. of Andromeda; Atalanta; Zu La Zule.
  • Received various alphabets, including: Mercurian; Vulcan; Braqh, "a low sphere of Venus"; Uilieu, "a celestial sphere of Venus"; Martian; Jupiterian; Saturnian; Ruzo (Titania), the largest moon of Uranus; Neptunian; Issi; Raxu, of the ninth planet Azoth; Kybelean, a language of heavenly nomads; Uzzu of the Pleiades; Zingomar of Altair.
  • Received information that Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace had joined a group of discarnate intelligences that were working on methods of communication with the living world.
  • Received information that the Great Sphinx was "the monument of the golden-haired Izdu-bastis of Iran and Akkad, first of the mighty Shepherd Queens."

Selected Bibliography

Journalism and War Correspondence

Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)

Cuban Pacification (1906-1909)

New Thought

Wallace wrote and lectured on New Thought and related schools of metaphysics, including turns in magazines such as George W. Payne's Psychic World and Alexander J. McIvor-Tyndall's Swastika Magazine.

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