George W. Payne

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"HYPNOTISM CONTROLS HUMAN DESTINY." Advert. for Columbia Institute of Science from Overland Monthly (1902).

George W. Payne was a phrenologist, touring hypnotist, and publisher of New Thought and other psychical interests.

Selected Publications



During the latter-half of the 1890s, Payne was active as a leading member of the Vancouver Phrenological Society (British Columbia), and made lecture tours on the subject. In advertising, he solicited himself as a renowned phrenologist and physiognomist, as well as a local agent for books by William Windsor and Fowler & Wells.


During 1901, Payne, then-principal of the National Institute of Science, appeared in classified advertising in Spokane, Washington, promoting himself as a magnetic healer / suggestive therapist, in addition to offering phrenological examinations. One year later, in 1902, Payne was resident in California, promoting the Columbian Institute of Science, based in San Francisco at 1104 Market St., a 14-room lodging house, a building address shared with Ismar, the Egyptian gypsy, clairvoyant, palmist, &c. He appears to have remained in California until 1905, when he began touring with Marguerite Foy through Oregon as an assistant in her act.