Lokukatapakadikong (planet)

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Lokukatapakadikong (Thai: โลกุกะตะปากะดิกอง; abbreviated to Loku) is an alleged planetary body in an unidentified solar system, which, per UFO Kaokala (ยูเอฟโอ เขากะลา), is the home of alien beings resembling the archetypical Grey who maintain a broadly Buddhist-like civilisation. The planet itself is described as a cold world in a distant orbit from the local star, completing a planetary rotation over a sixty-hour period, and which despite being three-times the size of the Earth has significantly reduced gravity, such that routine physical movement is conducted by jumping from place to place, each leap being five or six metres.[K]

Lokusian Civilisation

According to Cherd Chuensamnaun, Lokusian society is organised as a Buddhist-like democratic-monarchical state with a communal economic system, led by the Sorcerer, Ten Chancellors, and One Thousand Mayors of the One Thousand Cities, governing over a population of two-hundred million beings who all live aboard flying spacecraft powered by "magnetic energy" produced by "some kind of ores."[K]

The Lokusians themselves are macrocephalic but otherwise diminutive beings with big bellies (to "keep their energy") who communicate telepathically via an antenna on the crown of their heads, suggestive of the mongkut or chada. They are described as being long-lived, having an average lifespan of three hundred years, but not as having completely overcome disease and injury, as they maintain hospitals that staff medical professionals who treat patients remotely with "boiled medicine" and "psychic abilities."[K]

The Lokusian diet consists exclusively of a food capsule made from "Kerb", a native plant, which is consumed daily and is digested with perfect efficiency, producing no excrement. These once-a-day capsules are manufactured in two thousand factories - suggesting that each is responsible for manufacturing and shipping 100,000 capsules each day.[K]