Wesley H. Bateman

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Wesley H. Bateman
Born 21 March 1937(1937-03-21)
Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania
Died 13 February 2009 (71) [1]
Dolan Springs, Mohave, Arizona
Affiliations Mental Investigations of New Dimensions (M.I.N.D.); Ra Research Society
Spouse(s) JoNell Bateman

Wesley Howard Bateman (March 21, 1937 - February 13, 2009) was an American saucerian and contactee who reported he routinely communicated with extraterrestrial intelligences known as "The Federation"[i] via ESP beginning in September 1963. Among his claims was that the planet Earth has been surrounded by an "electro-magnetic frequency barrier"[ii] causing "distorted vibrations" that hinder mental development, that this "frequency barrier" has been gradually disappearing over the past four millennia — partially due to earthquakes "re-aligning key layers of the earth's crust" — and will potentially cease to exist "within the next century," and that this dissolution is what has has allowed the advances of technology and science in the twentieth century, as well as enabling contact with space beings.[K]

In his later years, Bateman wrote about what he called the Ra System of Mathematics, his interpretation of the sacred geometry of the Egyptian pyramids, which was, in turn, studied by Alan Howarth, composer and sound engineer, and applied for production purposes as RA Music,[2] using a "natural frequency" standard (as opposed to the A440hz standard). Bateman further, through the auspices of his Ra Research Society, reported using his system to decipher radio and crop circle messages that he reported were of extraterrestrial origin.

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  1. Bateman stated that Gene Roddenberry, Gene L. Coon, and some writers on the television show Star Trek conversed with him on the phone or attended meetings he hosted, where they learned of his concepts of the Federation, the Prime Directive, warp technology, wormholes, and the like, and repurposed them for the show.
  2. In his book Through Alien Eyes, Bateman describes the "frequency barrier" as an apparent side effect of the destruction of the planet Maldec, whose peoples built the Great Pyramid to transmit vril energy to their planet, only to shatter it in the process; the feedback from this event caused the tectonic shifts that brought the barrier into existence. The "mutating powers" of the barrier would also come to be linked in Bateman's writings to "chimera" experiments conducted by malevolent aliens at the Dulce Base, an underground facility alleged to exist near Dulce, New Mexico.