Universal World Union (Sons of Jared)

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Universal World Union
Formation c. 1965
Purpose/focus Ufology, Christianity
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Key people Cletus Goffard, Elary J. Willsie, Joseph H. Cater
Main organ "The Jaredite Advocate"

The Universal World Union (or Sons of Jared) was a California-based organisation, founded by AFSCA associates Cletus Goffard, Joseph Cater, and Elary J. Willsie in the mid-1960s, dedicated to "expos[ing] the existence of 'The Watchers'"[1] (in reference to the Book of Enoch's Nephilim). The union briefly published a periodical entitled The Jaredite Advocate.


  1. "Universal World Union", UFO International (23): 13, October 1965,, retrieved 2017-04-09, "Clete Goffard, Joseph Cater, and Willsie have recently formed The Universal World Union; P.O. Box 29026; Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. Phone: 663-9097. Their primary purpose is to expose the existence of "The Watchers.""