S. A. Weltmer

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S. A. Weltmer
Born 7 July 1858(1858-07-07)
Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio
Died 6 December 1930 (72)
Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri
Workplace(s) American School of Magnetic Healing; Weltmer School of Healing; Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics
Affiliations Freemasonry (32°); Knights Templar; Elks; Odd Fellows; Knights of Pythias; Atlantian Mystics
"FROM B.C. 292 TO A.D. 1899" - Weltmer and Aesculapius advert.

Sidney Abram Weltmer (July 7, 1858 - December 6, 1930) was an American Baptist minister and magnetic healer who devised Suggestotherapy (Weltmerism), the practice of which was taught and used at his American School of Magnetic Healing and Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics of Nevada, Missouri.

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vs. Christian Advocate (1899)

A libel suit filed was by Weltmer and J. H. Kelly, business manager of the Weltmer Insitute, against Rev. Dr. C. M. Bishop and Rev. Dr. Palmore over an article by Bishop in the 16 Aug. 1899 issue of Palmore's Christian Advocate. The trial took place at Butler, Missouri for six days and over two hundred witnesses were reportedly called to testify, concluding with Bishop being ordered to pay $750 and Palmore being exonerated. The verdict against Bishop was eventually overturned on appeal.


vs. U.S. Post Office (1900-1903)

Fraud Order Issued (1900)
Supreme Court Verdict (1902)
Case Dismissed by Complainants (1903)

As Weltmer and Kelly had dissolved the American School and reformed as the Weltmer School, this new organisation not being under a fraud order, even in light of the Supreme Court victory, the case against the Postmaster was dropped.



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