Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics

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Weltmer Institute
Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics

Emblem of the Weltmer Institute, c. 1912

Motto "Man Can Achieve What Man Can Conceive"
Formation 15 March 1906
Dissolution c. 1933; forfeited in 1941
Purpose/focus Magnetic Healing
Headquarters Nevada, Missouri
Headed by Sidney Abram Weltmer
Affiliations American School of Magnetic Healing; Weltmer School of Healing
The institutional motto: MAN - CAN - ACHIEVE - WHAT - MAN - CAN - CONCEIVE
In which Suggestotherapy is linked to the mission of Christendom, per Mark 16:15-18

The Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics Co. was a Nevada, Missouri-based sanitarium, mail-order concern, and publishing house, established by Sidney Abram Weltmer, its namesake. The institute was dedicated to the use, promotion, and teaching of Suggestotherapy (Weltmerism), the brand of hypnotic or magnetic healing devised by Weltmer.

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Thompson Spree Killing (1917)

Louis Thompson, described as a patient of the Weltmer Institute, shot and killed Charles Janes, his attendant at a nearby boarding house, during the afternoon of 6 Apr. 1917, and then proceeded to the institute, where he threatened several office workers, before shooting a Prof. J. O. Crone and John Cooper. Janes and Cooper would die of their injuries.