American School of Magnetic Healing

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American School of Magnetic Healing
Formation 1898
Dissolution 1900
Successor Weltmer School of Healing
Purpose/focus Magnetic Healing
Headquarters Nevada, Missouri
President S. A. Weltmer
Secretary J. H. Kelly
Affiliations Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics
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The American School of Magnetic Healing was a Nevada, Missouri-based correspondence school offering courses in Suggestotherapy (Weltmerism), active in the late 1890s under the direction of S. A. Weltmer, president, and J. H. Kelly, secretary and treasurer. The school was subject to a fraud order by the U.S. Post office in 1900, and thereafter Weltmer and Kelly ceased their activities as that entity, Weltmer re-establishing his mail-order business under the auspices of the Weltmer School of Healing to avoid the ban from the mails. The school would eventually win out at the Supreme Court level in 1902, which would have resulted in the ban being overturned and the case reconsidered, but Weltmer and Kelly dropped their case against the post office in 1903.

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