Pathometric Laboratories Inc.

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Pathometric Laboratories Inc.
Formation c. 1923
Dissolution ?
Purpose/focus Radionics
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Main organ Pathometric Digest

Pathometric Laboratories Inc. of Chicago, Illinois was an American company, founded by J. W. Wigelsworth for the manufacture of radionic equipment, particularly the Pathoclast, a device similar to Oscilloclast of Albert Abrams, and the Pathoinductor. The company's main organ for spreading their messages on the "pathometric determination of disease" was The Pathometric Digest.

Associates and Technicians

  • Gladys Ingram
  • R. W. Utberg
  • R. L. Larsen
  • G. A. Bast
  • Ken P. Laurence
  • Roy M. Keller
  • Grace B. Edwards
  • T. Galen Hieronymus

Company Patents

  • US 1815385, Wigelsworth, Arthur E., "Humidifying System", published 1931-07-21, assigned to Pathometric Lab. Inc.  — "By my invention, I provide devices for increasing the amount of liquid in vapor form in the air in the receptacle, which are controlled as to their operation by the quantity of liquid that may be contained from time to time in articles which are to be maintained at a desired degree of liquid content by the operation of the apparatus."

Company Publications

  • Wigelsworth, J. W. (1924), Pathodyne System of Diagnosis Therapy, Chicago: Pathometric Laboratories Inc. 

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