J. Franklin Blanchard

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J. Franklin Blanchard
Born St. James Franklin Blanchard
18 June 1888(1888-06-18)
Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska
Died 21 August 1941 (53)
Los Angeles, California
Alma mater American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo. (1908)

James Franklin Blanchard (June 18, 1888 - August 21, 1941) was an American osteopath and radionicist. During the 1920s, Blanchard was the proprietor of the Blanchard Post Graduate Clinic at Omaha, Nebraska, and manufacturer of a device he called the Electrotoxinometer, described as an "Electric Diagnosing Machine" in his advertising copy, making similar claims to another local manufacturer of such instruments, Calbro Magnowave Inc. Blanchard later relocated to California, where he continued to manufacture "Electropathic Equipment" such as the Detoxilator, a "Super Radionic Instrument", which was, according to the advertising, "absolutely noiseless" and could identify "all disease conditions in the body," as well as "locate them accurately and measure their intensity," determine what foods a patient should avoid, and apply prescribed treatment through "constant surge of electro-motive-force for an indefinite time without causing the patient to become toxic."

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