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Albert Abrams
Albert Abrams - Pearson's Magazine (48.6, p. 8) - 1922-06.jpg

As seen in Pearson's Magazine (June 1922)

Born 8 December 1863(1863-12-08)
San Francisco, California
Died 13 January 1924 (60)
San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Alma mater Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific (1878-81); University of Heidelberg (1881-82)
Field(s) Medicine
Affiliations College of Electronic Medicine
Known for Electronic Reactions of Abrams (ERA)

Albert Abrams (December 8, 1863 - January 13, 1924) was an American physician and developer of a variety of alternative medical theories, including Spondylotherapy and his Electronic Reactions of Abrams, a precursor to radionics and similar technologies.

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Abrams was also the founder and editor of the journals "Physico-Clinical Medicine" (later "Journal of Electronic Medicine") and "Electronic Medical Digest".