Sterling Baby Violet Ray Generator

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Baby Violet Ray Generator
Baby Violet Ray Generator - Electrical Record v18 n5 (Nov 1915) p20.jpg

1915 advertising image of the Baby Violet Ray

Vendors Sterling Corporation

The Sterling Baby Violet Ray Generator is a violet ray-type device that was marketed by the Sterling Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio as an instrument for electro-therapy, "combining the benefits of high frequency electricity, vibration, stimulation, oxidation and radiant light." It was detailed in the Electrical Record (1915) as a "110 volt" generator, weighing some 20 oz. (1¼ lbs.), capable of producing violet rays at "80,000 volts and 300,000 vibrations per second at the end of the tubular shaped glass attachment," all controlled by a knurled knob, and available in socket and battery-powered forms.[1]