Search Magazine (periodical)

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Search Magazine
Editor Ray Palmer
Publisher Palmer Publications
First issue Nov. 1953 as Mystic Magazine;
Oct. 1956 as Search Magazine
Final issue June 1986
Preceded by Mystic Magazine
Country United States
Language English

Search Magazine, known as Mystic Magazine during the first three years of publication, is a periodical spanning 167 issues that was originally published quarterly between 1953 and 1986 by Ray Palmer through his Palmer Publications company.


Mystic Magazine (1953-56)

Not to be confused with the earlier Mystic Magazine, published from 1903-1910 by the Mystic Publishing Co. of Massachusetts (first Boston, then Framingham), under the direction of the "Eternal and Universal Brotherhood of Mystics."
No. Month Year Contents
1 Nov. 1953 "The Hidden Kingdom" (Ray Palmer); "Go Visit Your Grave" (Rog Phillips); A True Mystic Adventure: "I Traveled in a Flying Saucer" by Orfeo Matthew Angelucci (As told to Paul M. Vest); "Yellow Fireballs" (Edwin Benson); "League of the Living Dead" (Randall Garrett); "Air Travel — 4,000 Years Ago" (John Fletcher); "The Astral Exile" (Chester S. Geier); "Searching for the Elixir of Life" (Drew Ames); "The Man from Tomorrow" (Palmer); "Mystery in the News" (Palmer); "The Seance Circle"
2 Jan. 1954 "Invasion of the Dark Ones" (Hal Annas); "The Strange Case of Monica Lilith" (Robert Barbour Johnson); "Doppelganger" (Lyn Venable); "The Devil's Empire" (Palmer); "Death in Peru" (Joseph Payne Brennan); True Mystic Adventures: "A Bishop's Hunch" (Mrs. Lawton Riley), "The Purple Light" (Lulu Bradley Cram), "The Terrible Mouse" (Drew Ames); "Christmas Gift Shop"; "Mystery in the News" (Palmer); "The Man from Tomorrow" (Anonymous); "The Seance Circle"
3 Mar. 1954 Fiction: "Assignment to Life" (Sanandana Kumara); Fiction: "The Kid with the Beautiful Hands" (Melva Rogers); Fiction: "Winter Scene" (William Campbell Gault); Fiction: "Earthbound" (Charles Lee); Fiction: "The Devil's Dollhouse" (Rog Philips); True Stories: "The Demon That Stole My Wife" (Pat Fox); True Stories: "Mark Probert, The Famous Medium" (Roger Graham); "Are the Saucers Our Friends?" (William B. Nash); "Uplift, Inc." (Len Guttridge); Editorially Speaking, The Man from Tomorrow, Mystery in the News, The Seance Circle
4 May 1954 True Story: "I Meet The Flying Saucer Man!" (Orfeo Matthew Angelucci, as told to Paul M. Vest); True Story: "I Carried a Witch On My Back!" (Louis Sztrokay); True Story: "The Moon That Rose Twice In One Night" (James Samuel Stemons); True Story: "A Voice Saved My Life" (Carol McKinney); "Mental Projection" (Walter G. Smith); "Do Etheric Armies Exist?" (Robert Rowan); Fiction: "Mistress of the Kama-Loka" (Peter Worth); Fiction: "Ming Cha" (Milton Mann); Fiction: "... Lest Ye Be Judged" (Sanandana Kumara); Editorially Speaking, The Man from Tomorrow, Mystery in the News, The Seance Circle
5 Aug. 1954 True Story: "Venusians Walk Our Streets" (Paul M. Vest); True Story: "The Ghost of Grandpa" (Arthur Darrell Huckerby); True Story: "A Funeral Before It Happened" (Lillian M. Slayton); True Story: "The Man at My Bed" (Mrs. Pearl McKay); "Strange Children" (Millicent X. Horton); "Your Handwriting" (Professor J. S. Maxwell); Fiction Based on Fact: "In the Twinkling of an Eye" (Sanandana Kumara); Editorial, The Inner Circle (Mark Probert Controls), Mystery in the News, Your Future (Dorothy Spencer Lauer), The Man from Tomorrow (William Broderick), The Seance Circle
6 Oct. 1954 True Story: "My Awakening on Another Planet" (Orfeo Matthew Angelucci); True Story: "The Star That Moved" (Dorothy Martin); True Story: "Wings and A Vision" (Waldo T. Boyd); True Story: "Ghost of the Living" (Wanita Norris); True Story: "Joan Fontaine and the Palmist" (W. E. Farbstein); "How to Make a Magic Mirror" (Ray Starr); "Saucer Roundup" (Tom Comella, Jr.); "Thinking in Reverse" (Palmer); Editorial, The Inner Circle (Mark Probert Controls), The Man from Tomorrow (Palmer and Readers), Your Future (Lauer), Mystery in the News, The Seance Circle
7 Dec. 1954 True Story: "The Exposer Exposed" (Dr. W. D. Chesney); True Story: "Extra-Terrestrial Visitor?" (Miriam Teel Clarke); True Story: "Fire Walking" (D. C. McGowan); "Mystery in the News" (Ray Palmer); "Saucer Round-Up" (Tom Comella, Jr.); Fiction Based on Fact: "The Phantom Jeep" (Bobette Gugliotta); Fiction Based on Fact: "The Golden Kitten"; Fiction Based on Fact: "God Is In The Mountain" (Peter Worth); Editorial, Your Future (Lauer), The Man from Tomorrow, The Seance Circle
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Search Magazine (1956-86)

No. Month Year Contents
17 Oct. 1956 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "Hoxsey Does Cure Cancer" (Senator John J. Haluska); "Hoxsey Does Not Cure Cancer" (Commissioner George P. Larrick); "The Shaver Mystery (No. 6) - The Cyclops" (Richard S. Shaver); "Why Do We Die?" (D. E. Wood); "The Red Scarf" (LaVerne Moss); "The Phantom Book Buyer" (Frank L. Nickerson); "Three Angels In An Auto" (Mrs. E. D. Hinckley); "The Laboring Heart" (Clifford E. Garrett); "The Ugly Duckling" (Gussie Rose Jobe); "Premonitions" (Anonymous); "Stars In the Smog" (Helen Hart); "Now Hear This" (Leslie Davis); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "No Proof for Reincarnation" (Joseph R. Rosenberg); "Mystery in the News"; Personals; "Come, Let Us Reason" (Readers)
18 Dec. 1956 Editorial; "I Visited Mars, Venus and the Moon" (Buck Nelson); "Eisenhower's Handwriting Shows Changed Man" (Dorothy Belieff); "Portraits of the Dead" (Traver Bornholz); "Astrology (No. 3): Astrology and E.S.P." (Hannes Bok); "How to Make Superstition Work for You" (Bok); "My Spirit Doctors" (Wing Anderson); "Catrina" (Crescencio Z. Rosas Torres); "Astral Projection" (Margaret P. Reid); "I Saw Gnomes" (C. H. Turvey); "An Invitation From Mom" (George Frega); "A Prophetic Vision" (Arthur Lance); "How My Friend Died" (W. N. Norton); "Lexie Came For Him" (Laura E. Olson); "The World Within" (Paul F. Serpas); "Your Future" (Dorothy S. Lauer); Mystery in the News; "Psychoanalyzing the Psychoanalysts"; Personals; "Come, Let Us Reason" (Reader Letters)
19 Feb. 1957 Editorial; "The World's Most Amazing Man" - R. C. "Doc" Anderson (Ernest Shinbaum); "The Inner Circle" (Mark Probert); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "The Undead Cat" (Sarah Skifstrom); "What Death Is Like" (Skifstrom); "Strange Feat of Strength" (Lester F. Neiman); "A Prophet Among Us" (Alice Texter); "My Aborted Son Lives" (Emma R. Bigger); Mystery in the News; "The Unprotected Protector"; "Astrology (No. 7)" (Hannes Bok); "Improve Your Mystic Word Power"; Personals; "Come, Let Us Reason" (Reader Letters)
20 May 1956 -
21 Jun. 1957 "My Daughter's Reincarnation" (Mrs. Allison S. Fisk) • "Is There a Supernatural? (Warren W. Kellogg) • "The Nun and the Noise" (Dr. E. A. Kennedy as told to Dr. W. A. Farbstein) • Gray Barker, UFO Investigator • "That Rebel, Charles Fort" (Alex Saunders) • "It Happened to Me" • Flying Saucer Pilgrimage • "He Casts Out Devils" (Ray Palmer) • Jackie Gleason, Psychic Investigator • Mystery in the News.... • George Washington — on Government • "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer) • The Inside Track • Improve Your Mystic Word Power • "The Life Plan of the Hopi" • "The Inner Circle" (Mark Probert) • "Second Sight" in Action (Ray Palmer) • "John Saul on Reincarnation" (John Saul) • "Come, Let Us Reason"
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27 Jun. 1958 "Editorial" (Ray Palmer); "Karlstad - The Terrible Hypnotist" (Lottie F. Butler); "The Healing Hands of Dr. Reginald Mills" (Geo. W. Lagus); "Are You Playing the Fool?" (W. D. Chesney); "Beauty at a Price?"; "The Secrets of Outer Space" (F. Y. Zigel); "Protest Kills Try of Subliminal TV"; "Hostile Saucers" (Jim Wentworth); "Hollywood Looks at the Unknown" (Thomas Kneitel); "Requiem for a Cancer Victim" (W. D. Chesney); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "The Murder of Animal Magnetism" (Jerome Eden); "I Recall Previous Lives" (Joan Merrill); "Raps in the Night" (Chesney); "The Astral Body" (Anonymous); "From Out of the Past" (Ethel Humphrey); "Mystery in the News"; Personals; "Getting To Know Yourself (No. 5)" (John Mentor); "Come, Let Us Reason" (Readers)
28 Aug. 1958 "Editorial" (Ray Palmer); "My Invisible Assailant"; "The Prophetic Cartoon" (Lee Meade Williams); "Soviet Science and Relativity" (E. D. Ward); "Are You Science's New Guinea Pig?" (Hon. Usher L. Burdick); "The Radiation Record" (Jerome Eden); "The Universal Fluid" (Eden); "A Minister Sees Flying Saucers" (Rev. Adam B. Farr); "Those 'Odd' Comets" (James E. Mellodew); "Has the American Revolution Been Completed?" (John H. Young); "The Margaret Rogers Story" (Jim Wentworth); "A New Declaration of Independence" (Dr. W. D. Chesney); "The 'Ten Lost Tribes' Return?" (D. L. Littleton); "Getting To Know Yourself (No. 6)" (John Mentor); "'Don't Bury Me Alive!'"; "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "The Enchanted Christmas Tree" (Ruth E. Lauer); Personals; "Death Dream Kills Girl"; "Come, Let Us Reason" (Readers)
29 Nov. 1958 Cover: "Do Aliens Masquerade As Humans?" • "The Witch of Calhoun County" • "Were Australians Aborigines By Real Spacemen?"
30 Jan. 1959 -
31 Apr. 1959 -
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33 Aug. 1959 -
34 Oct. 1959 "Editorial" (Ray Palmer); "Am I a Reincarnated Priestess of Atlantis?" (Barbara G. Sorenson); "Lost in Time" (Frank Patton); "Foreign Propaganda Report" (Senator William Proxmire); "Is World Peace a Dream?" (Alfred W. Pritchard); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "It Happened to Me"; "Do Animals Read Our Minds?" (Clydie Elisabeth Krug); "I Am Psychic" (Mrs. G. W. Harding); "A Birthday Gift?" (Howard E. Bowman); "The Day I Died" (Mrs. Howard L. Justice); "He Predicts Floods" (B. L. Vaughn); "Daily Double" (Lulu Bradley Cram); "Personals"; "Come, Let Us Reason"; "Oddities" (Frank Patton)
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47 Jun. 1962 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "The Fate of the Original Oahspe Colony" (Leon Barda); "Swedish Researcher Invents Brainwash Drug" (Frank Patton); "How Does Telepathy Work?" (Walter M. Germain); "The Medical Trust" (W. D. Chesney); "Is English a Mongrel Language?" (Chesney); "25 Years From Now" (George N. Heflick); "Can We Survive the Cold War?" (Alfred W. Pritchard); "An Answer to Shaver's Mystery?" (Huey P. Beasley); Personals; "Where the Reader Has His Say"; "Our Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer)
48 Aug. 1962 -
49 Oct. 1962 -
50 Dec. 1962 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "Initiation Death - Doorway to the Cosmos" (Volney G. Mathison); "The Worms at Our Vitals" (W. D. Chesney); "The Little Old Woman Who Could Not Die" (Blanche F. Swisher); "The Great Global Catastrophe" (Charles Mason Remey); "Other Planet People" (Bretta Lynn Thompson); "The New Age - What Will It Be Like?" (Huey P. Beasley); "Prying into the Unknown" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Chaos" (Anonymous); "The Death Drive" (Hal Annas); Personals; "Where the Reader Has His Say"
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63 May 1965 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "An Ancient Legend Comes Again to Haunt the Halls of Science"; "Flying Saucers and Religious Fundamentalism" (Peter Kor); "Is This A Creature From Outer Space?" (Thomas Knowles); "Occult Panorama" (George Cardinal LeGros); "The Occult View of Integration" (Gale Murray); "All Men Are Equals in the Grave - Only!" (E. Blanche Prichett); "'What I See'" (Malva Dee); "Prying into the Unknown" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); "Where the Reader Has His Say"; Personals
64 Jul. 1965 -
65 Sep. 1965 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "The Mudhead and Watersnake - Symbol of the Red Land" (L. Taylor Hansen); "How Conscious Are You" (Will Carson); "Can You Be In Two Places at the Same Time" (Paul Twichell); "Secrets" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Fabulous Facts Behind Christian Tradition" (Alfred W. Pritchard); "Prying into the Future" (Carson & Joy); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer"; "'What I See'" (Malva Dee); Personals; "Where the Reader Has His Say"
66 Nov. 1965 -
67 Feb. 1966 Editorial (Ray Palmer); Editorial (Sharon Schuster); "Do Parents Understand?" (Mari Loberg); "Project Eternity" (Douglas R. Emlong); "Book News and Views" (Sylvia Smallwood); "Prying into the Unknown" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); Personals; Where the Reader Has His Say
68 Apr. 1966 Editorial (Ray Palmer); Editorial (Sharon Schuster); Letters to Sharon; "Buddhism in Taiwan"; "You're Smarter Than You Think" (Will Carson); "Spiritual Healing in America?" (W. D. Chesney); "Commentary to 'Good and Evil'" (Steve Erdmann); "Little Kris - An Experiment in Free Enterprise" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Mind + Energy = Matter" (Rosannah Kerr); "Flying Saucers?" (Josephine J. Clark); "The Metal That May Carry Us to the Stars" (Tillman L. Martin); "Prying into the Unknown" (Will Carson & Jeannie Joy); "Your Future" (Dorothy Spence Lauer); Personals; "Where the Reader Has His Say"
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78 Mar. 1968 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "Bishop Pike's 'Message From Beyond'"; "Miracle Healings and Hypnotism" (Evelyn McKeever); "My Journal into the Unknown - Mystery Lights at Monroe, Michigan" (Mary Jimenez); "Search Researches ESP" (Katharine Cover Sabin); "The Enigma of Elizabeth Taylor" (Evelyn McKeever); "How to Pray" (Dulcie Brown); "The 1980 Problem" (Kenneth Larson); "The Rosicrucian Code of Life" (Irwin G. Yarbrough); "Many Heavens" (L. L. Brown); "News of Camelot" (Paul Karlsson Johnstone); "Pedestrianism" (Tillman L. Martin); "The Ancient Americas" (George H. Wagner, Jr.); "Open Letter to America"; "The Ghost of Guantanamo Bay"; Personals; Smile Department; Where the Reader Has His Say
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97 May 1971 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "Silicon Life" (Dean Lipton); "We Thought We Were People" (Palmer); "Teleported" (Kurt Glemser); "Dear Doctor Ann" (Ann Wigmore); "Found Drowned" (Ronald M. Sherin); "Happenings Now" (Readers); "My Reasons for Adopting a Vegetarian Diet" (Roy Langford); "Oahspe Circle" (Readers); "The Poltergeists in My Apartment" (Cathleen Beara O'Connell); "The Beautiful World of Spirit" (Vern Overlee); "What Besty Wants, Betsy Gets" (Elizabeth Wilson); "A Voice from Heaven Saved Me" (William S. Finkensieper); "The Untouchable Flying Saucer" (Alex Saunders); "Your Astrology Capsule" (Loretta Van Dam); "I Don't Believe in Karma" (Kerry Brigner); "Smile Department" (Readers); "Back Talk" (Readers); Personals
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110 Jul. 1973 "Ancient History in Stone" (Richard S. Shaver); "They Fly Over the Pole Every Day" (Ray Palmer); "An Engineer Looks at Bio-Feedback and Alpha Control" (R.N. Kamp; "The Unnatural Moons of Mars" (Kurt Glemser); "The Bizarre Obsession of Transsexuals" (Alex Saunders); "The Psychic Detectives" (Timothy Green Beckley and Shawn Robbins); "Dear Doctor Ann" (Ann Wigmore); "Human Footprints in the Sands of Time" (Herman Kraege); "Your Indestructible Soul" (H. D. Hargrave)
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131 Jun. 1977 Editorial (Ray Palmer); "Why Man Explores" (James Michener, Ray Bradbury, Jacques Cousteau); "The Weather Machine" (Jim Wentworth); "The Oahspe Circle" (Readers); "Happening Now" (Readers); "Exactly As Dreamed" (John Shirley); "The Feather Crown" (Maria Cavalleri); "A Voice Came From My Chest" (Mary Atkins); "A Vision of Tormented Souls" (W. H. Houdan); "Heaven Is Solid" (Ray Palmer); "Smile"; "Hole at the Pole"; "Dear Dr. Ann" (Ann Wigmore); "Beautiful World of Spirit" (Vern Overlee); "Back Talk" (Readers); "Flying Saucers and Stymie Factor" (Ray Palmer); "Something Happened in Russia" (Pat Bontempo); "Are the 'Close Encounters' Proof of Alien Visitors" (Peter Kor); "Does Over-Sophistication Prevent a Belief in the Shaver Mystery?" (Alex Saunders); "The Saucer Movement" (Peter Kor); "A Study on UFO Sounds" (T. Scott Crain, Jr.); "Our Book Review Section" (James Oberg); Letters; Personals
132 Sep. 1977 -
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134 Mar. 1978 -
135 Jun. 1978 "Dilemma of a Mental Patient" (Lorry Ann Whittle); "Fourth World" (Ronald P. Anjard); "The Hopi, Citizens of the Ancient Town of Oraibi" (Anjard); "Happenings Now"; "That Mantell Crash" (T. Scott Crain, Jr.); "Your Astrology Capsule" (Loretta Van Dam); "Saucer Travels" (Henry M. Steele); "I Explored Chaos" (Gerald J. Lyons); "The Frozen Ghost" (Mrs. J.M.B.); "A Farewell Kiss" (Lorenzo Smelledge); "The Phantom Pair" (Mrs. Bertha J.); "Intelligent Life Under Foreign Suns" (Alex Saunders); "UFO Bulletin Board" (The Vienna Study Group); "A Place of a Different Kind (poem)" (Harold Robard); "Behind the Contact Claims" (Peter Kor); "The Oahspe Circle"; "My Theory of UFO Propulsion" (Gerald Roski); "Dear Dr. Ann" (Ann Wigmore); "Visitors from the Astral" (Paul Twitchell); "Beautiful World of Spirit" (Vern Overlee); "Stone Pictures"; Smile Department; Back Talk (Readers); "If I Were Editor" Contest; Prize Winning Letter; The Winner's List; "Human Rights - American Style"; "The Open Forum"; "Prophetic Glimpses" (Ray Palmer)
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