Ralph Holland

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Ralph Holland
Alias(es) Rolf Telano; Resh-Mem-Heh
Born 29 August 1899(1899-08-29)
Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio [1]
Died 26 January 1962 (62)
Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., Ohio
Occupation(s) Engineer, Author
Affiliations Borderland Sciences (BSRA), National Fan Fantasy Federation (NF3)
Known for Etherian and psychic contacts; Project Hermes
Noted work(s) "A Spacewoman Speaks"

Ralph Merridette Holland (August 29, 1899 - January 26, 1962), also known as Rolf Telano, was an American contactee (particularly of a Venus Etherian priestess he called Borealis Telano), medium, and science fiction author.

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