Natcha Tramalaki (Inner Circle)

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Maharajah Natcha Tramalaki
Born 1848
Dacca, Bengal
Died 1915 (66-67)
Bombay, British India
Affiliations Borderland Sciences
Inner Circle Kethra E'Da

Natcha Tramalaki (1848 - 1915) is one of the astral personalities that Mark Probert professed to channelling, a member of the Inner Circle intelligences. According to records of Probert seances, Tramalaki was, in life: born at Dacca (Dhaka), Bengal, the son of a wealthy Indian father and English mother, and raised on an estate near Bombay (Mumbai); educated at Oxford Medical College; and travelled the world for ten years, studying religion and philosophy prior to his death.[1] (It is not clear why he claimed the title of Maharajah.)


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