Riley Crabb

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Riley Crabb
Born 2 April 1912(1912-04-02)
Died 20 January 1994 (81) [1]
New Zealand
Occupation(s) Lecturer, Writer
Alma mater The Society of St. Luke the Physician
Affiliations Akualele Research Group;
Borderland Sciences Research Associates (BSRA); New Atlantean Research Society

Riley Hansard Crabb (April 2, 1912 - January 20, 1994) was an American parapsychologist and saucerian. As successor to Meade Layne, he directed Borderland Sciences Research Associates from 1959 until 1985, writing and lecturing extensively on Flying Saucers, mediumship (particularly the Mark Probert seances), and occult matters, such as Theosophy and Kabbalah.

Selected Bibliography

Crabb wrote and lectured extensively, and the following is only a small selection of his complete works.

  • "Flying Saucers and the New Consciousness" (1958, 1973)
  • "Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes" (1958)
  • "Flying Saucers and America's Destiny"
  • "The Space Travel Problem and How We'll Solve It"
  • "Communication with Flying Saucers (and Their Occupants)" (1960)
  • "The Reality of the Cavern World: the Fifth Lecture in a Series" (1960)
  • "Flying Saucers on the Moon: the Sixth Lecture in a Series" (1960)
  • "The Psychedelic Experience" (1960)
  • "Lucifer, the Light-Bringer" (1963)
  • "Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator" (1963)
  • "An Attempt at Cosmic Mediumship" (1964)
  • "Flying Saucers Uncensored" (1965)
  • "Spacecraft From Beyond the Sun" (1966)
  • "Who Flys the Saucers?"
  • "Flying Saucers at Edwards Air Force Base, 1954"
  • "Psychic Surgery in the Phillipines and Pagan Healing in Hawaii"
  • "Colorahma: The Painting with Light Projector--The New Age Art Form, Complete Set of Plans, Pictures, and Instructions" (1968)
  • "Three Great Aquarian Age Healers: Lang, Pancoast, White" (1968)
  • "Radionics: The New Age Science of Healing" (1974)
  • "Color, the Bridge to the New Age" (1978)
  • "Innocent III, His Last Years"
  • "The Letters of a Living Dead Man"
  • "Francis Bacon, 1597"
  • "The Other Meaning of Christmas"
  • "The Heart to Heart Transplant (and How To Do It Etherically)"
  • "Meeting on the Moon; At the Mars Stronghold; Flying Saucers, 1959-1969" (1980)
  • "Flying Saucers & Harmony with Nature"
  • "Personalizing the World Crystal Grid" (1984)
  • "Flying Saucers from Decaying Suns in the Light of Theosophy"
  • "The Curvilinear Philosophy of Bruce Cathie"
  • "Death Defying Computer Intelligences"
  • "The Sunlight Path to Arcturus"
  • "The Dragon in the Search for Wisdom" (1985) - with Phyllis Crabb
  • "UFOs and the Martyrdom of Frank Scully" (1990)

with Judith Crabb

Crabb and his wife, Judith Crabb, co-wrote a series of Kabbalah training materials, including the following lesson texts.

  • "The Invisible Reality Behind Appearances, Part I"
  • "The Invisible Reality Behind Appearances, Part II"
  • "You Live in Four Worlds"
  • "The Four Ways to Freedom"
  • "The Way of the Nun"
  • "The Mass or the Celebration of the Eucharist"
  • "The Way of the Monk"
  • "Tulkus, A Tibetan Initiation"
  • "The Way of the Yogin or Kabalist"
  • "The Fourth Way, or Way of the Adept: Lesson Fourteen"
  • "The Fourth Way, or Way of the Adept: Apollonius of Tyana"
  • "Psychic Self-Defense, Part I"
  • "Psychic Self-Defense, Part II"
  • "Psychic Self-Defense, Part III"


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