Seth Pancoast

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Seth Pancoast
Seth Pancoast - ill. portrait.jpg

As depicted in "Curability of Consumption" (1855)

Born 28 July 1823(1823-07-28)
Darby, Pennsylvania
Died 16 December 1889 (66)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation(s) Physician (homeopathy)
Nationality American
Affiliations Theosophical Society
Noted work(s) The Kabbala (sometimes re-published as The Cabala), a.k.a. Blue and Red Light

Seth Pancoast (July 28, 1823 - December 16, 1889) was an American homeopathic physician, chromopathist, and occultist, a founding member of the Theosophical Society noted for his authorship of an early English language book on the Kabbala.[1] Pancoast was involved in search efforts for the sunken British sloop of war De Braak (HMS Braak) in 1877, founding the International Submarine Company and mounting a failed two-month attempt to uncover the wreck and the treasures it was-then thought to contain.[2]

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