Theosophical Society

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The Theosophical Society was an esoteric organisation founded in 1875 by H. P. Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, and William Quan Judge, members of the Miracle Club, at New York for the purpose of studying spiritual phenomena and making preparations for the coming World Teacher. The society schismed into rival Theosophical Societies following the death of Blavatsky, one branch following Olcott and Annie Besant based in Adyar, India, and another branch following Judge based in New York; and this was followed by further divisions, as members of the German section of the Adyar-based society, under Rudolf Steiner's leadership, split off to become the Anthroposophical Society, while the New York-based society relocated to California following the death of Judge, soon splitting into factions led by Katherine Tingley and Ernest Temple Hargrove, and these also further divided in the years that followed.