Hisab al-Jummal (Abjad Numerals)

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Hisab al-Jummal (حِسَاب ٱلْجُمَّل), also known as the Abjad Numerals, is a system of representation, defining numeric values in the form of the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet.

Conversion Table

Letter Tr. Arabic name Value
أ ʾ / ā ʾalif 1
ب b bāʾ 2
ج j jīm 3
د d dāl 4
ه h hāʾ 5
و w / ū wāw 6
ز z zāy/zayn 7
ح ḥāʾ 8
ط ṭāʾ 9
ي y / ī yāʾ 10
ك k kāf 20
ل l lām 30
م m mīm 40
ن n nūn 50
س s sīn 60
ع ʿ ʿayn 70
ف f fāʾ 80
ص ṣād 90
ق q̈āf 100
ر r rāʾ 200
ش sh shīn 300
ت t tāʾ 400
ث th thāʾ 500
خ kh khāʾ 600
ذ dh dhāl 700
ض ḍād 800
ظ ẓāʾ 900
غ gh ghayn 1000