גימטריה עברית (מספר גדול)

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מספר גדול (Mispar Gadol [MSPR GDWL], "large number") is one of several methods of גימטריה עברית ("Hebrew gimatria / gematria"), the system of converting Hebrew characters to defined numeric values. This method in particular takes a simple 1-to-1 approach, converting the individual letters that form a word to their individual numeric value (e.g. א [a] = 1, ב [b] = 2), and then adding those numeric values together to find the total value of the word (e.g. לדוגמה [ldwgmh] = 5+40+3+6+4+30 = 88), while other methods of gematria take a different functional approach.

Conversion Table

Letter Name Tr. (Latin) Value
א Aleph a 1
ב Bet b 2
ג Gimel g 3
ד Daleth d 4
ה Heh h 5
ו Vav w 6
ז Zayin z 7
ח Het x 8
ט Tet j 9
י Yud i 10
כ Kaf k 20
ל Lamed l 30
מ Mem m 40
נ Nun n 50
ס Samech s 60
ע Ayin e 70
פ Peh p 80
צ Tzady c 90
ק Koof q 100
ר Reish r 200
ש Shin f 300
ת Taf t 400
ך Kaf (final) k 500
ם Mem (final) m 600
ן Nun (final) n 700
ף Peh (final) p 800
ץ Tzady (final) c 900
  • Thusly, one might perform a gematric operation as follows:
    • [אני מונחה על ידי היופי של הנשק שלנו] = [6+50+30+300+100+300+50+5+30+300+10+80+6+10+5+10+4+10+30+70+5+8+50+6+40+10+50+1] = [1576]